The Devil Wears Nada (“Ain’t got no reason to be ‘shamed!”)


January 12, 2011

What happens when a high-strung Mennonite armed with an overpriced education goes on a search for Satan in order to prove the existence of God?

Disappointed parents.

“Really, Tripp? Is this why you went to graduate school?” asked the equally high-strung and very southern mother who continues to pronounce my name with two-syllables (think “Tre-yup”).

“No,” I responded, “I went to graduate school so I wouldn’t have to work.”

Or, I might add, get up before 10am.

Alas, this is not the space to give away any of the devilish details (because, that’s where “he” is, you know), but I will provide you with a glimpse of the cover:

(I feel like we may have domesticated the leviathan a bit–I hope Anthony Hopkins approves.)

Prepare thyself for tales (and tails) from the abyss–assuming the abyss includes pagan mannequins, musically-challenged Satanists, a Wiccan romance gone awry, flatworms penis fencing, Cindy Jacob’s explanation for heavy menstrual cycles, Bob Larson’s exorcism of “Death” (as well as how to steal cars from poor people), and evangelicals who have been “saved” from having a sense of humor (it’s true, Jesus wept).

The Devil Wears Nada is now available! Click HERE! to purchase it! will be available for your diabolical consumption by the end of March. In the meantime, I’ll try to post a few stories of some of the demons that got away (i.e., some stuff that didn’t make it in the book . . . editors, sheesh.)