You are the man!


June 8, 2011

Despite this phrase’s usual congratulatory significance for outstanding performance, it is also the phrase uttered by the prophet Nathan when he confronted David for his murder of Uriah so he could take his wife.  Shortly thereafter in the  midst of the accusation, Nathan utters “You did it in secret but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.”  The resonance with Rep. Weiner’s admission of several online infidelities is astounding.

Rep. Weiner is not only caught in inappropriate action but caught lying about it.  Rep. Weiner is forced to admit publicly his behavior.  In a press conference he took “full responsisbility,’ although it remains to be seen what that exactly entails other than saying, “Yes that was me who did those acts.”  Much ado has been made over his decision to stay in office, although following the Davidic narrative, even David stayed in power, and he had someone killed.

It would be nice to see Rep. Weiner not only take full responsibility but repent.  The question that remains is if the media is the best prophetic voice to be doing that.  Certainly the public needs a vigilant media.  Certainly if Rep. Weiner misused government resources in the midst of his inappropriate communiques, some ethics discussions need to be held.  In a consumer-driven twenty-four hour news cycle however, the focus is less on the watchdog role and more on generating buzz and story.  Generating shock and surprise at an elected official who dallies in infidelity is no longer a story but part of the expected background noise.  In this expected situation, does the prophetic role even exist any longer?  Short of bringing about any repentance, Nathan’s primary role with David, the answer is unclear.