Satan says, “Aww, hell naw!” to church potluck.


September 13, 2011

In Monroe, GA, dozens of churchgoers of Solid Rock Ministries fell sick after a potluck dinner. (Please, make sure you click on the link and watch the video–mere words fail to do justice.) One participant said that people were “dropping like flies.” It was so bad that 24 church members were treated at the hospital, with 7 of them being admitted. The hospital has sent cultures and samples to a state lab for analysis.

In the meantime, if we may speculate, what could be the cause of this unlucky potluck? (ba-dum tsssh)

Could it be Margaret’s potato salad?

Junior dipping his dirty little fingers in all the desserts?

Something in the water? (That could explain a number of things . . .)

Or, how about this David Peal fellow who appears to be the only one NOT to get sick? Hmm.

Of course, as you can see at the end of the interview, we discover the true culprit. According to one of the church members, Edwin Smith, the only explanation is, “Satan. He steps in any way he can to destroy.”

Exactly, Mr. Smith. Exactly.

"You'll get a lot more of that in here, buddy!"