Ask a Pacifist (I will if I can find one)


March 25, 2012

As a part of her “Ask A . . . Series”, I was recently interviewed on Rachel Held Evans’ blog. To be honest, I always assumed that if I were ever asked to be a part of the series it would be more along the lines of Ask a Narcissist, or Ask A Mennonite Devil-Seeker, or Ask a Duke Grad How He Feels About Losing in the First Round to a 15 Seed.

You know, something along those lines.

Alas, it was not to be. Instead, it was for the dreaded “p” word.


I really don’t like the word “pacifism”. For many people the word screams passivism–which is the exact opposite description of any pacifists I know (many of whom are far more insanely active than those protesting that the term means ‘do nothing’). But, even less, I don’t like that so many Christians want to eliminate what few pacifists remain in their tradition. Weird times and all that. Ah well. If nothing else, it allows me to plug my upcoming book, A Faith Not Worth Fighting For (this link with the discount will go down on April 5th, but it will be made available again by June).


[Do the bullets look like lipstick? If so, I’m claiming it was intentional.]

So, here is the interview, check it out. Feel free to shoot me (not literally please) some other questions or comments not addressed in her post. Have fun.