I was a Teenage Exorcist (in the ‘Valli’ of good and evil)


April 9, 2012

Bob Larson. The name alone is enough to strike fear in men, women, children, donkeys, demons and even the gods. (Lowercase ‘g’, B.)

Bob Larson. The man who claims to have exorcised death. (I couldn’t even get him to walk on a treadmill . . . ahhh.)

Bob Larson. He named a book after himself. (I kind of respect that move.)

Bob Larson. He has quite fertile seed. (I . . . I’m sorry.)

“Brynne, why don’t you cast this demon out?”

“Good idea, dad! I’m sure its just like getting gold out of a leprechaun. Eeeeeaaaasy!”

Here is another nice link with a video (that will not, for some reason, allow me to embed it–must be Satan):


Ah, yes: karate, horses, beauty pageants and exorcisms. Of course, as I pre-emptively explained to Drew Marshall on his radio show (scroll down in the link to ‘October 1’ to hear the interview), it just makes sense.

I’m still peeved at you Bob for not responding to The Devil Wears Nada. Snob. What, after I dedicated a considerable amount of it to you and all. Well, okay, a small section of one chapter, but still–to ignore me like that is just rude.


"I don't know whether to kiss you, Bob, or spit demon-puss on your face. Either way (and in her best Frankie Valli voice), 'I can't take my eyes off of you/you'd be like heaven to touch.'"


(Click HERE to check out whether or not you have a demon!! Woo-woo!)

POST SCRIPT: I just found this review of both The Devil’s Ink and The Devil Wears Nada over at The Christian Century–it was apparently posted on the same day as this post. Demonic providence?