November 15, 2012

All right, loyal Amish Jihadist readers, listen up: I published my first two page comic in the latest issue of Geez Magazine. Along with the stellar artwork of Zak Upright, we’ve created a comic called Anarcrow! It’s about a crow who enjoys mocking everything from John Locke to your grandmother’s crappy apple pie (and Chevrolet).

We, obviously, have a lot of work to do.

We’re writing comic pages and strips, and publishing in as many diverse mediums as possible. A collection of published material, as well as unpublished material, is being gathered for a graphic novel by, hopefully, late 2013.

It will be the single greatest collection of literature since the publication of John Wesley’s sermons. Or, you know, since the hardcover anthology of The Complete Milk and Cheese.

Anarcrow! also features The Marauding Mennonite  (aka, Super-Mennonite) whose very presence is but an exercise in making fun of your most cherished religious ideologies–including mine. So, get onboard, because how else can I appropriately enjoy making fun of you if you’re not reading it?