Kill the Poor (Raleigh, NC Style)

Nothing like titling a post after one of the best Dead Kennedy’s songs ever (Kill the Poor)–especially since, decades later, it remains terribly relevant. Just when you thought NC could not get any worse, anyone who attempts to feed the homeless in or around Moore Square in Raleigh, NC will be arrested. True story. Those churches in the above article have created a... Read More

The Death of a Southern Saint (Why I have a friend in Jack)

With the death of Will Campbell I can only feel a little less hopeful about the prospects for Christianity (at least in North America). Yes, Southern Christianity somehow, miraculously–despite itself, even–produced this wonderful saint, so . . . there’s always hope. And, of course, we have the memory of Campbell, along with his writings and a solid record of his... Read More

Only in America . . .

To be fair, this happens in many different places other than the United States. Historically, the ability to turn a pacifist into a terrorist is nothing new; it should simply be noted when it occurs. And, you know, it’s occurring–again. So, if you haven’t already read this article by Fran Quigley (and I’m sure, many of you have), then check it out. It could... Read More

How about a name to go along with that electric prod?

Federal Judge Phyllis Hamilton has ordered the Pentagon to release the names of those who train and teach at the government funded training facility in Georgia: the SOA, or, more recently named, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. The name change was intended to show a new direction the SOA was taking, but even US Army Major Joe Blair, who ‘taught’... Read More

Constantinian Carolinians

A part of me is thinking, just drop it. Don’t cover this stuff. There are only TWO representatives lobbying for Christianity as the state religion in North Carolina. Two wackos. That’s it. No, I said ‘wackos’, not Wakko. Miss you, buddy. [Actually, that's not too shabby considering the region. Hey, I'm from NC. I can make these kind of comments. Love ya',... Read More

But I Divest . . .

The board of directors of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) U.S. recently, and unanimously, decided that they will not invest in companies that “benefit from products or services used to perpetrate acts of violence against Palestinians, Israelis and other people groups.” Okay, I know. I can’t believe we had to vote on that one, but still . . . at least it’s... Read More

“Get Well Soon, NRA!”-Sincerely, The Amish Jihadist

How would you like to be declared, quite formally mind you, an enemy of the NRA? Well, if so, you’ll be in good company. Right now, the list includes: the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association of Police Organizations, the AARP, the Children’s Defense Fund, the American Firearms Association, the National Coalition... Read More

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

For my ‘skyping while drinking whiskey book club’, we’re reading Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. This is posing a major problem for me. For, you see, whiskey makes me happy. It makes me all huggie, dance-y, and, ‘life is wonderful-ly’ (and, also, a bit sentimental . . . so, no watching The Little Drummer Boy while imbibing). This book does not... Read More

SOA: School of Asses, I Mean, Assassins, I mean Americas (ah, it’s the same thing)

[For any of you keeping score, this is a re-hash of a post I did last November (I imagine I'll probably be re-hashing the re-hash next year as well). Unfortunately, the full 'Guns and Greed' video has been taken off of youtube, so the clip below will have to do.] When I was in Chicago, the director of the ethics center that co-sponsored part of my stipend asked me to write something... Read More

Russell Means: The Great Mystery Continues (we hope)

Sorry I’m a bit late on this news. Between Coulter’s ongoing hate ‘not-so-nice’ speech, the non-stop insanity of all politicians and their sycophants, as well trying to teach college students how to read . . . well . . . some things are bound to fall through the cracks. On that point, many apologies for my failure to notice the death of a very significant... Read More