Trans Soul Rebel (does god bless your transsexual heart?)

After thirteen plus years of screaming to Against Me! (only thirtenn–I know, I was late to the party), I finally got to see them two weeks ago in VA Beach. It was, of course, stellar. It slayed all things. If you’re not yet on board, pick up their new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues. It’s badass and quite the intimate look at Laura Jane Grace’s ongoing transformation. Now,... Read More

‘Effing Feminists? Possibly. Not sure. But Probably.

I recently posted this over at Eating Anarcrow and received numerous emails attacking both the creator of the t-shirt and my ”advertisement” of her shirt. Apparently, I am ”supposed to know better.” Pfft. That’s a hoot. While it very well may be the case that I should know better, it’s precisely because I don’t know better that I ran the... Read More

When Bombs Start Flashing

In case you were wondering, the title is from a Bad Religion song. It’s called Atomic Garden. The line is, “I like the 4th of July/when bombs start flashing.” I think they were trying to be prophetic. I don’t know. Anyway, I just thought I would leave today’s post in their hands. I just don’t have the energy to write the obligatory “Independence... Read More

‘Nobody Puts May Day in a Corner’

Today should be ‘Hug Your Local Anarchist‘ day (or other labor activists of numerous political persuasions). If you appreciate the fact that employers cannot work 11-year-olds to death, are legally required to provide breaks, and must exercise at least some limitations on taking advantage of people in desperate need of work, then find that sweet little gutter-punk... Read More

Four More Years

“Political Language is designed to make lies sound truthful, and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidarity to pure wind.” George Orwell The rhetoric of the so-called right and the left are, as I type, reaching a fevered pitch. It’s not that I’m anti-rhetoric. I love the Big R. But the nature of this is getting beyond enjoyable. One side... Read More

Worship, Anarchy, and Yo’ Momma

“Chicken poop for the soul” . . . those kids. I love them so.   If you’re not subscribing to one of the coolest magazines north of our border then just what are you doing? It’s time, folks. It’s time. Order your subscription to the “better than religious version of Adbusters” known as Geez right now, please. (I’m not sure if... Read More

That Holy Anarchist

I have such cool friends. I really do. You will, therefore, have to forgive me (literally–just ask Jesus) if in the next few weeks I spend some quality time highlighting their stellar work. From farming to animal liberation to books on the grotesque, I’m going to show you just how awesome I am due to my proximity to other awesome people. It’s a win/win situation. This... Read More


All right, loyal Amish Jihadist readers, listen up: I published my first two page comic in the latest issue of Geez Magazine. Along with the stellar artwork of Zak Upright, we’ve created a comic called Anarcrow! It’s about a crow who enjoys mocking everything from John Locke to your grandmother’s crappy apple pie (and Chevrolet). We, obviously, have a lot of work... Read More

A Soundtrack for the Winners

I’m not sure who won (as this has been posted before the votes have been tallied), but, either way, these two songs are for you: THE STATE-LOTTERY (Propagandhi) [Spoken word intro by Noam Chomsky] Now the real prospects for authentic democracy depend on something else. They depend on how the people in the rich and priveliged societies learn some other lessons. For example... Read More

Please Don’t Rock the Vote

[This is it. The last one I will ever post on voting. Whew. Feels good.] So, this news is slightly old. To be honest, I wrote this a few months ago and forgot about it. But then someone asked me about it in class this past week (as I was ranting about religion and the environment) and I remembered that I was trying to piece together some thoughts, not only why people may want to... Read More