Par for the course (all the king’s horses)

The lovely people at Slacktivist ran a commentary on this photo (that probably doesn’t require a commentary, but why not?) where I believe the wonderful Mr. Fred Clark gives too much credit to Billy Graham. . . . and all the king’s men… Accusing Franklin of using his father as a political prop (no accusation necessary, it’s true), Clark suggests Billy is... Read More

In the Name of Jesus, Someone Needs a Spanking!

This has got to be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Please, tell me it’s for real. Seriously. It sounds like something my friend Zack Hunt would make up just to mess with people. If so, good job. You win. It comes with a free hairbrush for all of your combing and beating needs! If you’re unfamiliar with Christian Domestic Discipline, it’s some sort of ministerial... Read More

“When I met you I said my name was Rich . . . “

I just can’t figure out which is more offensive: 1) The statements made years ago by Mike Jeffries, CEO of A&F. 2) The ‘shock’ of the middle to upperclass masses who were, apparently, oblivious to how horrible they were to overweight and poor people in middle/high school. (Seriously? These comments came as a surprise to you? That says far more about you than... Read More

Hey Jew, Don’t Let Me Down

The people we place in charge of us are so awesome. They’re proof that anyone can ‘make it’ here in the land of the free. Take, for instance, the lean mean fighting machine that is Oklahoma State Representative Dennis Johnson: After watching this clip, my friend Michael added, “They’re also good at throwing Christian babies down wells and exacting... Read More

Damned If You Do

[The following post is written by, once again, the very sexy, ex-MMA thrower-downer-turned-Anabaptist sympathizer, Matthew Morin. Take it away, Matt . . .] In a letter that unintentionally highlights the value of a liberal arts education, engineer-turned-university-president James Wagner recently lauded the three-fifths compromise as a “pragmatic half-victory” that brought “the... Read More

I’m Just a Giglio

My friend at Elizabethtown College, Michael Long, emailed me a note about an article he recently published for The Huffington Post. It’s a very timely peace that’s all about presidents, politics, and those ‘ambassadors of God’ that love to buttress power. Why is it always so seductive? What I like most about the article is the advice he gives to Rev. Giglio... Read More

Hutterites vs Montana (not the Hannah kind)

Hutterites may call it religious persecution, others call it the law of the land, but our theological cousins (“Aw mom, do we really have to claim THEM?!“) are now required to offer workers compensation. Pretty tough thing to do on a communitarian-based salary. He could use some peyote. Lots and lots of it. [Read article here.] What I find most interesting about the... Read More

Parking in the Rear (Demon-Style)

In a recent article by the non-award winning magazine Charisma, writer Cedric Harmon asks the question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another: Can You Be Raped By the Devil? The article follows ex-stripper Contessa Adams’s book Consequences where she talks about how, in her sleep, she used to get it on with demons–at least before she ‘found’... Read More

Ann Coulter (Just in time for Halloween)

You know, The Monster Mash! Okay, sorry. I won’t bother with my usual attempts at scatological satire. I really, really wanted to, but it all seemed so contrived (and too easy). So, let’s go with this assertion instead: There are good people in this world, there are bad people in this world, and then there are horrible people in this world. Ann Coulter just may qualify... Read More

Hating ‘Mullets’ or ‘Hating’ Mullets?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Mullets (and who hasn’t . . . ahh) then you’ll already know that these beard-trimming Christian anarchists refused a plea of leniency that would have landed most of these Amish folks on probation–as opposed to what they now face: a very long stint in prison. Read more . . .  [Favorite lines from linked story: " . . . chopped... Read More