Oi to the World! (now bugger off)

First of all, Oi to the World! was written by The Vandals, not that obnoxiously horrible “I don’t know when to stop singing, so I’ll just keep belting ‘oooohhh’ throughout ever ‘effing line in a song” crappy singer Gwen Stefani. But, I guess, since the song is about unity I should be nice. And it’s Christmas time and all that so .... Read More

it’s interesting (and, i love the word ‘triduum’)

It’s interesting that in the U.S., where seventy-plus percent of the population hearts Jesus, many Christians do not celebrate All Saints and All Souls Day. I’m not sure why, as we really do seem to love our holidays. I’m guessing it’s because (save the high liturgical folks), many folks don’t know what they’re missing. If they did, I’m... Read More

“That’s the best you got?” (easter hauntings)

“Approximately two thousand of these ‘Easter’ Sundays have occurred and take a look around you: things aren’t any better. They’re actually worse. What’s improved since ‘the’ messiah showed up? We’re absolutely no better off than we were two thousand years ago. I don’t see how Jesus made the slightest bit of real difference... Read More

V-Day Colors

Billions of dollars (literally) spent on mawkish accounts of narcissistic rooted forms of love (thanks, Kierkegaard), while a guy named Valentine earned his ‘purple crown‘ trying to convert an emperor. That saint was nuts. I mean, who tries to convert an emperor? It’s insane. More insane than purchasing crap goods because our nation-state’s liturgy orders,... Read More

Killing Whitey and Other Jive Turkeys: Thanksgiving with NOFX

Below is an article originally published in Christian Ethics Today, The Mennonite, and Third Way Allegiance. It’s, obviously, that damn good. (Ah, hello machismo. I knew you hadn’t strayed far.) It has had different titles for each publication with each publisher changing my original and more polemical–and slightly in jest–title, “Why Christianity... Read More