When Bombs Start Flashing

In case you were wondering, the title is from a Bad Religion song. It’s called Atomic Garden. The line is, “I like the 4th of July/when bombs start flashing.” I think they were trying to be prophetic. I don’t know. Anyway, I just thought I would leave today’s post in their hands. I just don’t have the energy to write the obligatory “Independence... Read More

The Trans-Ballad of Laura Jane Grace

[N]ot that I think this deserves any kind of explanation…-‘The Disco Before The Breakdown’ Being a long time fan of Against Me!, I’ve tried to follow all of the comments, articles, zines, interviews, etc., discussing Tom Gabel’s “transformation” to Laura Jane Grace. Suffering from what has been labelled ‘gender dysphoria’ (perhaps... Read More

Five Christmas Songs that Kind of Make Me Think, ‘Well, this could be right.’

I’m heading out of town for a few days, so no Amish Jihad for you (for at least 6-7 days). In the meantime, here’s a re-post of something I published last year. It still rings true. Rock on, folks! ~~~~ My first substantial brush with ‘atheism/agnosticism/I kinda wish I was a Taoist but I always collapse into nihilism instead’ did not come about via reading... Read More

Killing Whitey and Other Jive Turkeys: Thanksgiving with NOFX

Below is an article originally published in Christian Ethics Today, The Mennonite, and Third Way Allegiance. It’s, obviously, that damn good. (Ah, hello machismo. I knew you hadn’t strayed far.) It has had different titles for each publication with each publisher changing my original and more polemical–and slightly in jest–title, “Why Christianity... Read More

A Soundtrack for the Winners

I’m not sure who won (as this has been posted before the votes have been tallied), but, either way, these two songs are for you: THE STATE-LOTTERY (Propagandhi) [Spoken word intro by Noam Chomsky] Now the real prospects for authentic democracy depend on something else. They depend on how the people in the rich and priveliged societies learn some other lessons. For example... Read More

Please Don’t Rock the Vote

[This is it. The last one I will ever post on voting. Whew. Feels good.] So, this news is slightly old. To be honest, I wrote this a few months ago and forgot about it. But then someone asked me about it in class this past week (as I was ranting about religion and the environment) and I remembered that I was trying to piece together some thoughts, not only why people may want to... Read More

“In Protest of Our Ever-Virgin Mary” (and other hooliganisms)

Russian riot grrrls Pussy Riot are still sitting in jail for their performance of ‘Mother of God, Cast Putin Out!’ at Christ the Savior Cathedral. You have to admit, that song title is pretty great. And what a venue! Here’s the article. It’s called, ‘God Condemns Pussy Riot’. (I love how everyone always knows what God is thinking–it’s... Read More

Peter Maurin and Daniel Berrigan’s ‘Bad Birthday Bash’ (We just wanted the band to play our favorite song)

First of all, only the most malevolent of creatures dislike The Vandals. My deepest gratitude is extended to those witty punkers for writing two songs I scream along with every May 9th (“Bad Birthday Bash” and “Happy Birthday to Me”). Second, my humblest apologies for being born on the same day as Peter Maurin and Daniel Berrigan. I’m inspired,... Read More


If this is gospel music, count me in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLlysJ7VCNQ&feature=related   The Sound of Sinners. Released on the great triple-LP Sandinista. When I first heard Sandinista, I can’t tell a lie (well, I can, but for now I won’t), I didn’t like it. I was just another one of those ‘Young Punks’ they occasionally referenced... Read More

“If the Devil is Six, then God is Seven”

Oh, Frankie boy, you have certainly written your fair share of odd little ditties. That’s why you’re such a genius. The particular song in question (the lyrics referenced in the title of this post are from The Pixies song Monkey Gone to Heaven) reminds me of so much that probably has nothing to do with this song. Apparently, it deals with the “human interaction... Read More