Parking in the Rear (Demon-Style)

In a recent article by the non-award winning magazine Charisma, writer Cedric Harmon asks the question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another: Can You Be Raped By the Devil? The article follows ex-stripper Contessa Adams’s book Consequences where she talks about how, in her sleep, she used to get it on with demons–at least before she ‘found’... Read More

Jesus is a Monkey (thank god)

All right, so, I don’t get to push The Devil Wears Nada much these days. What would be the use? I know all of my AJ readers have already read it, right? I’m just saying, the conversation I had with one of the ministers in TDWN about Jesus’s divinity and how that correlates with being a primate seems to be back in the news. And to that, I just wanna say . . . Told... Read More

The Lower Calling

I was recently interviewed by Glynn Young who blogs for the rather highly ‘trafficked’ (is that the right word?), The High Calling. You have to admit, it’s quite the lofty name for a website. I feel like it should be in all caps, italicized, in red, and with an exclamation mark to boot. Let’s try it: THE HIGH CALLING! That’s how I imagine God says... Read More

I was a Teenage Exorcist (in the ‘Valli’ of good and evil)

Bob Larson. The name alone is enough to strike fear in men, women, children, donkeys, demons and even the gods. (Lowercase ‘g’, B.) Bob Larson. The man who claims to have exorcised death. (I couldn’t even get him to walk on a treadmill . . . ahhh.) Bob Larson. He named a book after himself. (I kind of respect that move.) Bob Larson. He has quite fertile seed. (I... Read More

“If the Devil is Six, then God is Seven”

Oh, Frankie boy, you have certainly written your fair share of odd little ditties. That’s why you’re such a genius. The particular song in question (the lyrics referenced in the title of this post are from The Pixies song Monkey Gone to Heaven) reminds me of so much that probably has nothing to do with this song. Apparently, it deals with the “human interaction... Read More

The Non-Existence of Evil, Free Thinking, and Kant’s Love Child

I’ve found that one of the more interesting theological claims made by historical Christianity is in relation to the so-called problem of evil. Traditionally speaking, evil is not a significant problem in classical Christian thought because evil does not exist. In short, as I am sure you are well aware, the claim is that evil is not substantive–it is not material. Evil... Read More

I’ve Been Wee-Weed

Arrrghhh . . . I miss everything! Had I been privy to this devilish bit of goodness it surely would have made an appearance in The Devil Wears Nada. (If you hate shameless plugs, you’re in the wrong place. Speaking of which: Hey Jeff, I hope you caught this before the ink dried on your little devil.) My favorite part is where he’s convinced Satan loves academia, because... Read More

Suing the Devil (Now that’s not very Christian)

In what appears to either be a parody of Christian film-making, or just another incredibly bad attempt to demonize evolutionary biologists, atheists, and people who wear sunglasses at night (I’ve never trusted those kids either), Suing the Devil claims to be an “epic, spiritual battle” involving a “thrilling faith-based” legal scenario where a janitor... Read More

“The Devil Wears Nada” Reviewed By A Christian Humanist and A Christian Anarchist (something here is not right)

Click here to read a review of The Devil Wears Nada by The Christian Humanist. And/or . . . click here to read a review of The Devil Wears Nada by Jesus Radicals. Both are solid reviews, and I say that not because they are relatively positive (with stellar criticisms) but because they actually read the book. I know. Incredible, right? But you can’t always count on reviewers... Read More

Satan says, “Aww, hell naw!” to church potluck.

In Monroe, GA, dozens of churchgoers of Solid Rock Ministries fell sick after a potluck dinner. (Please, make sure you click on the link and watch the video–mere words fail to do justice.) One participant said that people were “dropping like flies.” It was so bad that 24 church members were treated at the hospital, with 7 of them being admitted. The hospital has... Read More