Allen Verhey: The Death of a Christian Ethicist

In 2004, I moved back to NC from the lovely yet cold city of Chicago. I had recently attained the somewhat coveted status of ABD and decided to relocate back to God’s country. Looking for work, I began teaching at Elon University as well as working as a teaching assistant for a number of courses at Duke. One of the courses I was a TA for was Allen Verhey’s course on... Read More


I teach a Christian Ethics course with the subtitle, Sex, Politics & Violence. The cool thing about it is (beyond the obvious), I can pretty much do whatever I want with it. Sometimes I stress one facet over another, focusing on certain ‘areas’ more so than others. Sometimes it stays in the realm of marriage, family, sexuality and the state, other times I include... Read More

A Faith Embracing All Creatures (40% Off!)

Volume II (A Faith Embracing All Creatures) of The Peaceable Kingdom Series is now available. If you order it now, it’s 40% off. Simply visit the publisher’s website, type in this code, CREATURES, and viola! A great book at almost half the price! As the point of the series is to think about what it means to embody God’s peaceable kingdom, each volume attempts to... Read More

Jesus, Stop Suffering God. It’s Embarrassing and ‘Does’ Nothing.

One of my friends, whom I admire deeply, posted the following quote in light of the Connecticut shootings: “Only a suffering God can help.” (Bonhoeffer) For oh so many reasons, I really, really loathe that quote. It sure sounds potent, and, I guess for some, it’s comforting (I can’t quite figure that out, but hey, God is whatever you want God to be). And,... Read More

Animal Crackers

To celebrate the publication of the second volume of The Peaceable Kingdom series (A Faith Embracing All Creatures), for the next few weeks I’ll be randomly posting on animals, Christianity, and why, three times a day, most of my nonviolent friends live lives that are the absolute antithesis of nonviolence. Ya’ flesh-eating, ‘bodies consuming other bodies’... Read More

Mad-Farming with Fred Bahnson (and the ecological perks of public urination)

I met Fred Bahnson back in grad school. We’d spend our lunches sitting on the steps of Duke Chapel playing chess. We were fairly even-matched. That is, we were both pretty bad at it. Nevertheless, it got us out of the classroom long enough to talk about Duke basketball–which is a lovely thing when you’ve made the mistake of taking a seminar on Immanuel Kant. I’d... Read More

Casting a Weak Ballot

[The following was written by guest blogger, Matthew Morin. May it never be said that I do not offer space, on my own forum, for people to critique me. Or, more importantly, that I am above letting other people help me meet my 'quota' for the month.] As a rule of thumb, I try not to disagree with people who graciously offer to share their blog space with me. However, I also try... Read More

Sgt. Hartman Would (probably not) Be Proud: Five Questions with Logan Mehl-Laituri

First of all, many apologies for not posting in a week and a half. I’ve been in the throes of Thespianism. And yes, that is every bit as dramatic as it sounds. Anyway, we’re back with a vengeance (sort of). I’ve landed a number of interviews, including this series of Five Questions with the military veteran and Christian peacemaker, Logan Mehl-Laituri. Mr. Laituri... Read More

The Ballad of Will Campbell

For some strange reason, I often forget/neglect the genius that is Will D. Campbell. (The same goes for William Stringfellow–oh, that guy is just too smart.) Campbell is one of the few Christian thinkers who understands how (classical) liberal theology ultimately created both right and left-wing Christianity, and, because of this, his understanding of how Jesus does not fit... Read More

‘A Faith Not Worth Fighting For’ May Be Worth Reviewing

In the past two weeks we’ve landed a sweet number of reviews for A Faith Not Worth Fighting For. So, I obviously have to share them with you. No, seriously, I literally have to share them with you. My publicist told me so. And she plays mean when I don’t listen to her. Think ‘Judas Cradle’ mean. “Recant, heretic! (And help us sell some of these crappy... Read More