‘Effing Feminists? Possibly. Not sure. But Probably.

I recently posted this over at Eating Anarcrow and received numerous emails attacking both the creator of the t-shirt and my ”advertisement” of her shirt. Apparently, I am ”supposed to know better.” Pfft. That’s a hoot. While it very well may be the case that I should know better, it’s precisely because I don’t know better that I ran the comic. Here’s a link to the original post with the rocking tank-top... Read More

How to Create an ________(hint, it begins with an ‘A’) Part ‘Deus’: An Interview with Peter Boghossian

A few weeks ago I interviewed Jesus Camp’s Becky Fischer. In order to share the love, I recently interviewed atheist Peter Boghossian. How’s that for diversity? (Or, not . . . you be the judge.) Peter recently published a book called, A Manual For Creating Atheists where he takes up the lofty task of passing on valuable skills for how to talk people out of their religious delusions. Peter was kind enough to respond to my rather hostile/tongue-in-cheek/”I’m... Read More

Oi to the World! (now bugger off)

First of all, Oi to the World! was written by The Vandals, not that obnoxiously horrible “I don’t know when to stop singing, so I’ll just keep belting ‘oooohhh’ throughout ever ‘effing line in a song” crappy singer Gwen Stefani. But, I guess, since the song is about unity I should be nice. And it’s Christmas time and all that so . . . yeah, she’s still pretty fudging bad. Sorry. Can’t help... Read More

I’m Going to Jesus Camp! (And, quite possibly, hell): Five Questions with Becky Fischer

Big week here at The Amish Jihadist. We have with us one very special lady. It’s none other than children’s minister extraordinaire (though yet to make the cover of Rolling Stone), Becky Fischer! I thought about opening with the whole introduction thing, but then I was like, ‘Eh, that’s seems silly. They know who she is.’ (If not, follow this link to her website.) As you’re well aware, I do not respond to my interviewee’s... Read More

In need of a title (and more sloth)

I’m finally getting close to finishing a book discussing my time working in a zoo (as well as time spent in various animal sanctuaries and wildlife centers), but I’m in desperate need of a name for the book. My boy, Dudley, has moves, too. I bet he has mad pole-dancing (or, at least, pole-hanging) skills. It addresses numerous issues regarding the place of zoos and sanctuaries as well as the role Christian ethics can play in such conversations... Read More