My friend Marc Bekoff recently wrote a piece on the idiocy of the time-honored tradition called “running with the bulls”. Marc has less of a potty mouth than myself . . . well, that or either Psychology Today will not let him title his post what I titled mine–so, thanks The Other Journal for being so awesome! (I don’t think those guys are even paying attention to me anymore.) I thought I would share this lovely collection of bulls with trimmed horns, tied... Read More

If a Tree Falls . . . May It Take Out a Bulldozer or Two

The recent documentary If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front, directed/produced/written/edited by Marshall Curry is destined to not garner the kind of attention it deserves. Groups like the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) and ELF are labelled terrorist organizations due to their destruction of private property, via arson and explosives, in an attempt to, as they claim, intervene in those practices destructive of the earth. Speaking for myself, I’m not much... Read More

If Animals Believed in God . . .

First of all, given my Feuerbachian sensibilities, I imagine lions envision a deity that looks like a lion–while, and I’m only guessing, gazelles would be greatly offended by such an idea. You know, at some predestined future moment in or outside of time the “great gazelle in the sky” is going to pass judgment on those cats for their fallen predatorial nature that has caused so much pain and anxiety for the gazelle (and other prey). While, all along, the... Read More

Chick-fil-A Refuses to Serve Gay . . . Chickens

In an unprecedented response to gay rights advocates, Chick-fil-A is refusing to serve gay chickens to its largely heterosexual Christian clientele. When asked why they were refusing to debeak and massacre countless little baby chicks, who happen to share an attraction for one another, a Chick-fil-A representative claimed that it is “not in God’s plan for humans to have to digest gay chickens. What if some of that gayness doesn’t pass through the body? Where... Read More