A Faith Embracing All Creatures (40% Off!)

Volume II (A Faith Embracing All Creatures) of The Peaceable Kingdom Series is now available. If you order it now, it’s 40% off. Simply visit the publisher’s website, type in this code, CREATURES, and viola! A great book at almost half the price! As the point of the series is to think about what it means to embody God’s peaceable kingdom, each volume attempts to examine what this means for ALL of creation. Volume I discusses nonviolence toward enemies, Volume... Read More

Five Questions with Brian McLaren

Is he on Hydra Island?! Brian McLaren recently stopped by in order to, I can only guess, further darken my already dark towels (you better know that reference). McLaren is the author of a number of books including, A Generous Orthodoxy, A New Kind of Christianity, and his most recent, Naked Spirituality. Resisting the temptation to ask if he enjoyed playing John Locke on Lost, my first question, as you will see, revolves around an important eschatological issue that is, apparently,... Read More