That Holy Anarchist

I have such cool friends. I really do. You will, therefore, have to forgive me (literally–just ask Jesus) if in the next few weeks I spend some quality time highlighting their stellar work. From farming to animal liberation to books on the grotesque, I’m going to show you just how awesome I am due to my proximity to other awesome people. It’s a win/win situation. This post features an interview with author, educator and co-founder of The Mennonite Worker, Mark... Read More

Please Don’t Rock the Vote

[This is it. The last one I will ever post on voting. Whew. Feels good.] So, this news is slightly old. To be honest, I wrote this a few months ago and forgot about it. But then someone asked me about it in class this past week (as I was ranting about religion and the environment) and I remembered that I was trying to piece together some thoughts, not only why people may want to be reluctant to vote (representative democracy being the sham that it is), but what it would mean to... Read More

Nine is Better than None (5 Questions with Shawn Peters)

No time for a lofty introduction this week, here’s all you need to know: -Shawn Peters, from Catonsville, MD, is a scholar who has been on PBS, CNN and featured in Time Magazine and The New York Times. He has written the authoritative book on The Catonsville Nine. -Daniel Berrigan, in his early 90′s, is far cooler than you can ever hope to be. Seriously. Far cooler. -Shawn Peters, while not the world’s greatest comedian (see question number one, which isn’t... Read More

The Ballad of Will Campbell

For some strange reason, I often forget/neglect the genius that is Will D. Campbell. (The same goes for William Stringfellow–oh, that guy is just too smart.) Campbell is one of the few Christian thinkers who understands how (classical) liberal theology ultimately created both right and left-wing Christianity, and, because of this, his understanding of how Jesus does not fit into this matrix often proves to be an obstacle for some readers. This is not because his writings... Read More

Peter Maurin and Daniel Berrigan’s ‘Bad Birthday Bash’ (We just wanted the band to play our favorite song)

First of all, only the most malevolent of creatures dislike The Vandals. My deepest gratitude is extended to those witty punkers for writing two songs I scream along with every May 9th (“Bad Birthday Bash” and “Happy Birthday to Me”). Second, my humblest apologies for being born on the same day as Peter Maurin and Daniel Berrigan. I’m inspired, and embarrassed, by that fact. Those guys make people like Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, and Zack... Read More