Five More Passages of Scripture You Will Not Hear at a Rick Perry’s Prayer Event (or, Why Jesus May not be from Texas)

Jim Rigby recently wrote an article titled Five Scriptures You Won’t Hear at Rick Perry’s Prayer Event that describes a number of passages that will most likely be ignored in Perry’s tribute to the tribal deity bound by the borders of this particular nation-state. While they were pretty good (I especially enjoy the “go to your closet and pray as opposed to those hypocrites who do it in public” passage–we could all learn from that one), I have... Read More

Oh, Say Can You See (why I don’t have any friends)?

What’s that sound I hear on the Sunday before the 4th? It’s probably the vast majority of churches in the United States paying homage to its’ nation-state’s tribal deity. Religious rituals, holidays/holy days, and the war-driven liturgy of the masses have turned Uncle Sam and Jesus into siblings (of course, Uncle Sam is the Big Brother; he, obviously, tells his little Jewish bra’ what to do). So, Christians will gather, sing war-hymns, turn heroes... Read More

“Third Way Allegiance” Lands One Favorable Review (No way! I don’t believe it.)

It’s so nice to read a glowing REVIEW. It is, indeed, a rare thing. This is not to suggest I deserve it, only that the law of averages must require that, at some point, someone writes something pleasant about something I have written. So, thank you Justin. Even if this is nothing but lies, flattery or pure sympathy, I do appreciate it. Enjoy.  Read More