I was a Teenage Exorcist (in the ‘Valli’ of good and evil)

Bob Larson. The name alone is enough to strike fear in men, women, children, donkeys, demons and even the gods. (Lowercase ‘g’, B.) Bob Larson. The man who claims to have exorcised death. (I couldn’t even get him to walk on a treadmill . . . ahhh.) Bob Larson. He named a book after himself. (I kind of respect that move.) Bob Larson. He has quite fertile seed. (I . . . I’m sorry.) “Brynne, why don’t you cast this demon out?” “Good... Read More

The Devil Wears Nada (which is more than you’ll be wearing after reading this sexy search for Satan)

Years of interviews with various ‘soldiers of God,’ way too many late-night shenanigans with some sketchy shamans, and trying to locate just one hot spiritual warrior to exorcise my demons have finally come to fruition. The Devil Wears Nada: Satan Exposed! is now available for your consumption. If you’re curious as to what Satan has to do with gay primates, heavier-than-normal menstrual cycles, and the less than spiritually subtle Pat Robertson (in, roughly,... Read More

South Carolina Woman is Decidely NOT the Next St. Francis

Miriam Fowler Smith, who will not be going down in history as the patron saint of pit bull terriers, hung her nephew’s pit bull and then set the dog on fire. “Why?” you rightly ask. “Was the dog attacking a small child, a calico, or Fox News?” No, the dog bit her bible. Apparently, this diabolical act was inspired by Satan as a blatant attack against God. Satan, who for years inspired less subtle atrocities such as the Holocaust, Hiroshima, and the... Read More

The Devil Wears Nada (“Ain’t got no reason to be ‘shamed!”)

What happens when a high-strung Mennonite armed with an overpriced education goes on a search for Satan in order to prove the existence of God? Disappointed parents. “Really, Tripp? Is this why you went to graduate school?” asked the equally high-strung and very southern mother who continues to pronounce my name with two-syllables (think “Tre-yup”). “No,” I responded, “I went to graduate school so I wouldn’t have to work.” Or,... Read More