The Coolest Dork on this Mad Planet: Seven Questions with Evan Dorkin

Pre-script fair warning: this is not your typical Amish Jihadist post–whatever that may be (making fun of pagan Christians, I guess). But since it is the week of HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC, and since this is my blog (thanks kind people at The Other Journal for allowing me to soil your site with random diatribes), I can do what I want. So there. Now, sit back and enjoy. Ya’ tossers. In 1989 I read my first comic book. It was, I believe, Batman 429. It was the final... Read More

Sick Book Reviews

These aren’t really sick book reviews. I’m just not that cool. Rather, these are reviews of books I’ve been reading this past week while I’ve been sick. And since I’m feeling so crappy, these are not even going to be reviews–more like snippets of a review. Kind of a less cool version of what Armstrong is doing over there with his ‘The Five Second Book Review‘ site. So, here you go. Seven very different books I’ve been wading... Read More

Supergods (Mythology de-mythologized? Nope. Probably just crap.)

One should never review a book they have yet to read–as I tell my students, that’s immoral. Of course, my students don’t care and I like to fail them anyway, so no loss. This, however, is not a review; it’s just my inability to get beyond an endorsement of a book I was once interested in reading. Never judge a book by its cover (“unless it covers just another”–thanks Johnny Rotten), but an astute reader can and has no choice but to render... Read More