Jesus, Stop Suffering God. It’s Embarrassing and ‘Does’ Nothing.

One of my friends, whom I admire deeply, posted the following quote in light of the Connecticut shootings: “Only a suffering God can help.” (Bonhoeffer) For oh so many reasons, I really, really loathe that quote. It sure sounds potent, and, I guess for some, it’s comforting (I can’t quite figure that out, but hey, God is whatever you want God to be). And, I know, I know, context is everything. But this Bonhoeffer quote leaves me with a number of questions.... Read More

The Non-Existence of Evil, Free Thinking, and Kant’s Love Child

I’ve found that one of the more interesting theological claims made by historical Christianity is in relation to the so-called problem of evil. Traditionally speaking, evil is not a significant problem in classical Christian thought because evil does not exist. In short, as I am sure you are well aware, the claim is that evil is not substantive–it is not material. Evil is a privation, a lack of the good (privatio boni). It is not tangible. It is, as Augustine suggested,... Read More

I’ve Been Wee-Weed

Arrrghhh . . . I miss everything! Had I been privy to this devilish bit of goodness it surely would have made an appearance in The Devil Wears Nada. (If you hate shameless plugs, you’re in the wrong place. Speaking of which: Hey Jeff, I hope you caught this before the ink dried on your little devil.) My favorite part is where he’s convinced Satan loves academia, because . . . you know . . . being smart in the eyes of this particular conservative church-going evangelical... Read More