Worship, Anarchy, and Yo’ Momma

“Chicken poop for the soul” . . . those kids. I love them so.   If you’re not subscribing to one of the coolest magazines north of our border then just what are you doing? It’s time, folks. It’s time. Order your subscription to the “better than religious version of Adbusters” known as Geez right now, please. (I’m not sure if that description was a compliment or an insult. It was meant to be compliment.) By the way, did you... Read More


All right, loyal Amish Jihadist readers, listen up: I published my first two page comic in the latest issue of Geez Magazine. Along with the stellar artwork of Zak Upright, we’ve created a comic called Anarcrow! It’s about a crow who enjoys mocking everything from John Locke to your grandmother’s crappy apple pie (and Chevrolet). We, obviously, have a lot of work to do. We’re writing comic pages and strips, and publishing in as many diverse mediums as... Read More