Remaining Resolute in my Anti-Resolution Revolution

In the 5th grade I decided that resolutions were a ‘crutch for the weak’. I think I’d heard someone misquoting Marx or something (the silly kind of Marx, not the Harpo kind). I just remember thinking, ‘Why do adults always need a catalyst for changing their rotten habits?” I doubt I used the word catalyst, but I am, after all, paraphrasing my much, much younger self in such a way as to make me sound like a smartie-pants. I was also, apparently, feeling... Read More

“Just a Hutterite with Her Hair Down”

Is anyone watching the NatGeo show American Colony: The Hutterites? I gave it a shot, primarily because people often ask me about it, and wow . . . it’s really bad. Like, really, really bad. It’s poorly scripted (or, I should say, the script is poorly delivered), and the tension, thus far, has primarily centered around 1) killing a pig large enough to satiate the biologically related religious community, and 2) one young woman’s desire to date a ‘bad’... Read More