Slightly Back

I took this past week off from the internet. Kinda. Well, mostly just from Facebook and The Amish Jihadist (I did check email on occasion . . . I have students . . . students are needy). But, it was lovely. I surfed. By surfing, I mean I surfed waves–not channels or the internet. I wrote some script for my upcoming comic book, which is pretty much all I want to do these days (more to come on that later). I also avoided the news. The news, specifically around here, consists... Read More

Profligate Grace? Tokens? It’s About ‘Durn’ Time

I’ve been in a big-time Southern mood of late. Spending quality time with the folks in NC while I work some theatre gigs is bringing the ‘Southerness’ out of me. So, that ‘durn’ is for you mom. I still contend your Nazarene pastor thinks it’s a swear word (you better not be dancing or doing any ‘mixed bathing’ either). Anyway, I was saying it’s about ‘durn’ time . . . that Profligate Grace and Tokens interviewed... Read More

Sick Book Reviews

These aren’t really sick book reviews. I’m just not that cool. Rather, these are reviews of books I’ve been reading this past week while I’ve been sick. And since I’m feeling so crappy, these are not even going to be reviews–more like snippets of a review. Kind of a less cool version of what Armstrong is doing over there with his ‘The Five Second Book Review‘ site. So, here you go. Seven very different books I’ve been wading... Read More