The Real Pansy (Division) and the D.O.D.

Recently, Mark Driscoll referred to pacifists as pansies. I can only assume he’s not referring to the flower, as that wouldn’t make much sense (then again, we are talking about Mark D here). Apparently, he’s using the term in the sense of being a ‘fairy’, a ‘sissy’, a ‘fag’ or some other bit of ‘re-remodeling’ account of manliness. “If this shirt’s not enough to send them running, I give them the old... Read More

Not So New Cure for Homosexuality: Beat It Out of Them

Things are getting rowdy in my lovely home state of North Carolina. May 8th is coming. The date when NC will put into place (if the vote determines it) a law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman, and will ban any other type of “domestic legal union” such as civil unions and domestic partnerships–gay or straight. The consequences of such a move could be devastating. On a related note, check out this sermon clip below from Sean Harris, Senior... Read More

A Nude King Takes it By the Bit: Five Questions with Becky Garrison

Becky Garrison may very well be Christianity’s most interesting court jester. What is a 'f@#k'? Kids today, what with their weird lingo and all. And yes, that is a compliment. I like to fancy myself quite the juggler (and I have all kinds of funky hats–striped tights, too), but I have nothing on the writings of one Ms. Becky G. She represents well the ever-growing necessity of the theological smart-ass in the classroom. This week she stopped by in order... Read More

If You See Mary, Tell Her It’s Not Funny Anymore

From a tree stump in New Jersey to a tree stump in Houston: it’s enough to give the person the idea that Mary could be an environmentalist. Good for her, I guess, but not so much for me. I want to see the Virgin of Guadalupe! Is that too much to ask? Apparently, she has made an appearance on a griddle in California, a chunk of ice in Michigan, and she has even showed up in bird poop (St. Francis would be so proud). [Christianity,... Read More

“Just because you love the lord doesn’t mean you can’t knock the hell out of somebody.”

The title? That’s a direct quote. It was stated by a man I’ve known since I was in elementary school. He also worked with my dad for twenty-some plus years and, to this day, they remain training partners. Anytime I’m back home in the fine state of North Carolina, I’ll hang out with them in a gym they fondly refer to as “The Dungeon.” It’s called the dungeon because it’s old, small, has few machines, lots of free-weights, and big... Read More