After Crucifixion: A Keen Book (and interview)

What will probably be remembered as having the greatest reviews ever, After Crucifixion: The Promise of Theology is, unlike much of what I’m sent, a stellar read. Many of the theology books that come my way are either trying to mimic that guy I always confuse with Henry Rollins (‘Peter something or another’) or they are attempting to ‘out’ neo-Anabaptist the next neo-Anabaptist. Unlike the aforementioned poop stains, After Crucifixion is actually... Read More

V-Day Colors

Billions of dollars (literally) spent on mawkish accounts of narcissistic rooted forms of love (thanks, Kierkegaard), while a guy named Valentine earned his ‘purple crown‘ trying to convert an emperor. That saint was nuts. I mean, who tries to convert an emperor? It’s insane. More insane than purchasing crap goods because our nation-state’s liturgy orders, disciplines, and directs our bodies to do so? Tough call. Tough call. Regardless, here’s a St.... Read More

Alaskan Airlines in Collusion with . . . SATAN! (TLGP)

The early Christians were often at a loss as to how they were going to survive the Roman Empire. Indeed, many didn’t. The first three centuries of Christianity produced martyr after bloody martyr–pulled apart limb by severed limb, cast in iron cows that were heated by fire, torn apart by lions, tigers and bears, they were stabbed, pierced, choked, racked, raped, maimed, gored and mutilated all within sight of a boisterous audience. Unfortunately, the persecutions of... Read More

Tongue Screws and Testimonies . . .

You should buy this book based on the title alone. My only question is, How could they pass on a triple ‘t’ alliteration? Just add ‘torture’ to the mix and you got it. It’s kind of all the rage these days. Herald Press was kind enough to send me a copy to review, so that’s the plan. I’m a few books behind in the review category, but as soon as it’s published I’ll post a link to it. In the meantime, as it takes printed reviews... Read More

Witness of the Body: The Past, Present, and Future of Christian Martyrdom

 After about 38 laborious years this book has finally come out. (Okay, that was a slight bit of hyperbole, but I wrote my chapter back in 2008. Many thanks to whichever one of you contributors slowed us down–was that you, Steve?) Nevertheless, it looks to be a promising book that provides a constructive grammatical framework for what has historically constituted Christian martyrdom, and what will, if anything, continue to be faithful accounts of blood-witnessing. For... Read More