Book Notes of Note (Puppets, Crows, and Tim Burton)

‘Sup. Yeah. I just said, ”Sup’. Okay, so, in the past few weeks I’ve received a number of books for review, general edification, a place to rest my head, something to throw at my enemies, blahblahblah, and because it’s taking me forever and more to get to all of them, I wanted to at least draw your attention to each one. More to come on them later. I hope. Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-Vs.-Christians Debate, by Justin Lee. Tons of reviews... Read More

Five Questions with Matt Litton

My good friend Matt Litton recently honored me with a lovely signed copy of his new and destined to be a classic, The Mockingbird Parables. It’s a terrific book that plunges the depths of Harper Lee’s masterpiece To Kill a Mockingbird and surfaces with some incredibly solid and challenging reflections on living a life of Christian faith. It has also outsold all my books . . . combined. I kind of hate the guy. Long time fan of the Kansas Jayhawks (don’t... Read More

Third-Way Allegiance: Christian Witness in the Shadow of Religious Empire

Finally, after two decades of hard work (or, well, more like two years of me kind of trying), Third-Way Allegiance: Christian Witness in the Shadow of Religious Empire is finally out. This is a collection of brief theological articles discussing everything from national holidays to Steve Irwin, from Star Trek to parthenogenesis (and nope, Mother Mary, female whipped-tail lizards, and marmokrebs decidely do not get it on). Primarily, it’s a book about the co-opting... Read More