“Third Way Allegiance” Lands One Favorable Review (No way! I don’t believe it.)

It’s so nice to read a glowing REVIEW. It is, indeed, a rare thing. This is not to suggest I deserve it, only that the law of averages must require that, at some point, someone writes something pleasant about something I have written. So, thank you Justin. Even if this is nothing but lies, flattery or pure sympathy, I do appreciate it. Enjoy.  Read More

Skyrockets in Flight . . . Mennonite Delight!

This is one of the greatest finds to be discovered in the hills of Kentucky. A local convenience store made my world a better place by carrying this lovely packaged brownie. Oh, Mennonite Delight. “Thinking of you is working up my appetite.” (And, yes, it really does say, “It’s all good!”)  Read More

Shrinking gene pool finally pays off…

These ladies strike a most curious pose (without the benefit of Prince) in order to bring the boys back home. Certainly an enticing offer that will end with 90% of Amish men jettisoning the English world for a life of bad beards and even worse haircuts. From left (just a guess): Martha Yoder, Sarah Hostetler, Mary Weaver, Sarah Stoltzfus, Emily Miller, Miriam Yoder (future Mrs. York??!?), Emily Hershberger, Ruth Hostetler, Ruth Yoder, Miriam Stoltzfus, Emily Weaver, and Leroy... Read More

Neo-Luddism No More! (look out ‘this-worldly’ types)

An earlier post of mine, “Dear Lord…”, has plead guilty to the act of self-plagiarism (which is, admittedly, rarely as enjoyable as self-pleasuring). It was a previously published article of mine in which the only real altering that occurred was my changing of the title (with the help of The Temptations–ah yeah). Think of it as nothing more than a rogue radical reformer experimenting with what my ancestors would truly see as dancing with the devil–or... Read More