Damned If You Do

[The following post is written by, once again, the very sexy, ex-MMA thrower-downer-turned-Anabaptist sympathizer, Matthew Morin. Take it away, Matt . . .] In a letter that unintentionally highlights the value of a liberal arts education, engineer-turned-university-president James Wagner recently lauded the three-fifths compromise as a “pragmatic half-victory” that brought “the country more closely together.” I offer two objections. First of all, if we are going to be... Read More

The Boxer (“I am just a poor archbishop, my story’s seldom told . . .”)

In a recent issue of the Guardian, Archbishop Rowan Williams (what’s up with those superhero eyebrows?) astutely explains why he is not God’s boxer. Read, read, read. Now that you’ve read the lovely article, consider/do battle with/loathe/etc., whatever (thanks Over The Rhine), a few points I’ve taken from the interview (with points 5 & 6 being my own shots I enjoy taking whenever I get the chance): 1) God does not need us. There is no lack in God;... Read More

The Gift of Difference: Radical Orthodoxy, Radical Reformation

We are finally getting some press on this lovely book that includes contributions from folks such as John Milbank, D. Stephen Long, and Rosalee Ewell. If you have ever wondered what the Radical Orthodoxy movement might learn from the Radical Reformation (or, vice versa) this is the book for you. If you haven’t ever entertained such thoughts, I certainly wouldn’t start now. The Gift of Difference: Radical Reformation/Radical Orthodoxy Amazon: The Gift of Difference  Read More