“No higher than the epiglottis . . . “

Denmark is banning halal and kosher slaughter of animals, because such killing requires that the animal be conscious when killed. “Hooray! ‘It’ almost didn’t suffer!” They want them to feel it, I guess. And because some folks in Denmark thinks it’s unnecessarily cruel (cough, giraffe, cough cough, zoothanasia, cough), others folks are referring to their legislation as an interference with the practice of religious expression. Perhaps the practice... Read More

The Real Pansy (Division) and the D.O.D.

Recently, Mark Driscoll referred to pacifists as pansies. I can only assume he’s not referring to the flower, as that wouldn’t make much sense (then again, we are talking about Mark D here). Apparently, he’s using the term in the sense of being a ‘fairy’, a ‘sissy’, a ‘fag’ or some other bit of ‘re-remodeling’ account of manliness. “If this shirt’s not enough to send them running, I give them the old... Read More

‘Nobody Puts May Day in a Corner’

Today should be ‘Hug Your Local Anarchist‘ day (or other labor activists of numerous political persuasions). If you appreciate the fact that employers cannot work 11-year-olds to death, are legally required to provide breaks, and must exercise at least some limitations on taking advantage of people in desperate need of work, then find that sweet little gutter-punk with a ‘circled A’ tattooed on his or her face and kiss it. Unless, of course, they have said... Read More

Four More Years

“Political Language is designed to make lies sound truthful, and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidarity to pure wind.” George Orwell The rhetoric of the so-called right and the left are, as I type, reaching a fevered pitch. It’s not that I’m anti-rhetoric. I love the Big R. But the nature of this is getting beyond enjoyable. One side pronounces Obama a devil, the other side a savior. Couple the hyperbole stemming from the inauguration... Read More

Never Mind the (Heterosexist) Bollocks, Here’s Jamie Heckert

Jamie Heckert, PhD (University of Edinburgh), is a founding member of Anarchist Studies Network, a practitioner of integral yoga, and the co-editor of Anarchism & Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships and Power (and here’s a lovely link to the introduction: read me!!). Just imagine what would have happened if Emma Goldman popped out a baby with Michel Foucault, and that kid turned out to be smarter than his parents–this should give you an idea of what kind of awesomeness... Read More

Five Questions with Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Jamie Arpin-Ricci is what happens when Franciscan sensibilities meet Anabaptist weirdness. Or, it could be the other around. I’m not sure. All I know is that if there is any hope for the possibility of Christian claims coinciding with Christian practices, I somehow think it resides within the aforementioned communities. Although, I’m certainly open to being surprised by a Protestant or two. Jamie plays an integral role in the Little Flowers Community, an intentional... Read More