Books and God(s)

I’ve been asked to teach a Religion and Literature course next semester. I cannot tell you how much this excites me. Seriously, I’m quite amped. The only thing difficult about this course, thus far, is trying to narrow down the list of possible books. It’s overwhelming. The question revolves not so much around what I include, but what do I not include? So, help me out. Below are some books, graphic novels and plays that are definitely in the running. Let me know... Read More

Five Questions with Amy Laura Hall

Amy Laura Hall is Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Duke University. She has written a number of books including the soon to be classic, Conceiving Parenthood: American Protestantism and The Spirit of Reproduction. She also raises holy hell like nobody’s business. For this reason, it’s time for “Five Questions” with Amy Laura Hall. 1) What’s it like having double x chromosomes? Tricky, scary, and fun. I learned during my first months in the... Read More

“Dear Lord, hear my plea…” (or was it really just my imagination running away with me?)

Dear God, Could you please stop fixing sporting events? Your unpredictability is killing me at the betting table. I can never figure out who you’re helping. One moment you’re hooking up Steve Smith with the Panthers (well, you used to hook him up–he must have been a naughty boy this past year), and the next it’s Vick at Philly (I guess you don’t like Pit Bull Terriers either, huh?). How am I supposed to figure out which one you love the most, or which one prayed... Read More