A Nude King Takes it By the Bit: Five Questions with Becky Garrison

Becky Garrison may very well be Christianity’s most interesting court jester. What is a 'f@#k'? Kids today, what with their weird lingo and all. And yes, that is a compliment. I like to fancy myself quite the juggler (and I have all kinds of funky hats–striped tights, too), but I have nothing on the writings of one Ms. Becky G. She represents well the ever-growing necessity of the theological smart-ass in the classroom. This week she stopped by in order... Read More

“Don’t Call it a Comeback!” (He’s been here for years)

This may well be the year of Satan. A number of books, films, and presidential candidates seem to suggest we have yet to give up on our fascination with Old Horny. Two of the ‘must have’ books of the year include Jeff Pugh’s The Devil’s Ink: Blog from the Basement Office, and my very own, The Devil Wears Nada: Satan Exposed! If you’ve been wondering what Lucifer is currently up to, why televangelists can’t stop talking about him, or why he... Read More

The Devil Wears Nada (which is more than you’ll be wearing after reading this sexy search for Satan)

Years of interviews with various ‘soldiers of God,’ way too many late-night shenanigans with some sketchy shamans, and trying to locate just one hot spiritual warrior to exorcise my demons have finally come to fruition. The Devil Wears Nada: Satan Exposed! is now available for your consumption. If you’re curious as to what Satan has to do with gay primates, heavier-than-normal menstrual cycles, and the less than spiritually subtle Pat Robertson (in, roughly,... Read More