I’m Going to Jesus Camp! (And, quite possibly, hell): Five Questions with Becky Fischer

Big week here at The Amish Jihadist. We have with us one very special lady. It’s none other than children’s minister extraordinaire (though yet to make the cover of Rolling Stone), Becky Fischer! I thought about opening with the whole introduction thing, but then I was like, ‘Eh, that’s seems silly. They know who she is.’ (If not, follow this link to her website.) As you’re well aware, I do not respond to my interviewee’s comments. They... Read More

Par for the course (all the king’s horses)

The lovely people at Slacktivist ran a commentary on this photo (that probably doesn’t require a commentary, but why not?) where I believe the wonderful Mr. Fred Clark gives too much credit to Billy Graham. . . . and all the king’s men… Accusing Franklin of using his father as a political prop (no accusation necessary, it’s true), Clark suggests Billy is uncomfortable there–what, with his stellar track record of non-support of rich white republicans... Read More

I’ve Been Wee-Weed

Arrrghhh . . . I miss everything! Had I been privy to this devilish bit of goodness it surely would have made an appearance in The Devil Wears Nada. (If you hate shameless plugs, you’re in the wrong place. Speaking of which: Hey Jeff, I hope you caught this before the ink dried on your little devil.) My favorite part is where he’s convinced Satan loves academia, because . . . you know . . . being smart in the eyes of this particular conservative church-going evangelical... Read More

“Sheriff’s posse on my tail cause I’m in demand . . .”

Holy crap. This is awesome. Normally, the lives of people like Palin are beneath my notice (and yes, I mean that in the most pretentious way possible–I’m a living paradox like that), but this is gold. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS4C7bvHv2w&feature=related] Of course, everyone makes mistakes. I can’t even keep the facts about last weekend straight. But, what makes all the difference in the world is the ability of a person to utter these words:... Read More

Five Questions with Amy Laura Hall

Amy Laura Hall is Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Duke University. She has written a number of books including the soon to be classic, Conceiving Parenthood: American Protestantism and The Spirit of Reproduction. She also raises holy hell like nobody’s business. For this reason, it’s time for “Five Questions” with Amy Laura Hall. 1) What’s it like having double x chromosomes? Tricky, scary, and fun. I learned during my first months in the... Read More