The Non-Existence of Evil, Free Thinking, and Kant’s Love Child

I’ve found that one of the more interesting theological claims made by historical Christianity is in relation to the so-called problem of evil. Traditionally speaking, evil is not a significant problem in classical Christian thought because evil does not exist. In short, as I am sure you are well aware, the claim is that evil is not substantive–it is not material. Evil is a privation, a lack of the good (privatio boni). It is not tangible. It is, as Augustine suggested,... Read More

I’ve Been Wee-Weed

Arrrghhh . . . I miss everything! Had I been privy to this devilish bit of goodness it surely would have made an appearance in The Devil Wears Nada. (If you hate shameless plugs, you’re in the wrong place. Speaking of which: Hey Jeff, I hope you caught this before the ink dried on your little devil.) My favorite part is where he’s convinced Satan loves academia, because . . . you know . . . being smart in the eyes of this particular conservative church-going evangelical... Read More

Suing the Devil (Now that’s not very Christian)

In what appears to either be a parody of Christian film-making, or just another incredibly bad attempt to demonize evolutionary biologists, atheists, and people who wear sunglasses at night (I’ve never trusted those kids either), Suing the Devil claims to be an “epic, spiritual battle” involving a “thrilling faith-based” legal scenario where a janitor attending law school in the evenings decides to sue Satan for eight trillion dollars. Why eight trillion... Read More

Satan says, “Aww, hell naw!” to church potluck.

In Monroe, GA, dozens of churchgoers of Solid Rock Ministries fell sick after a potluck dinner. (Please, make sure you click on the link and watch the video–mere words fail to do justice.) One participant said that people were “dropping like flies.” It was so bad that 24 church members were treated at the hospital, with 7 of them being admitted. The hospital has sent cultures and samples to a state lab for analysis. In the meantime, if we may speculate, what... Read More

Demon Test (I wish I could make this stuff up)

Bob Larson, self-proclaimed prophet and exorcist (who just happens to be the subject of one of my chapters in The Devil Wears Nada), has made it easy for you to discover whether or not you have a demon (as, apparently, it is not self-evident . . . yep, that could be rabies you’re dealing with). In less than thirty minutes you can know whether or not Lucifer, or one of his many minions, has taken control over your body. All you have to do is take the trademarked Demon Test.... Read More

“Don’t Call it a Comeback!” (He’s been here for years)

This may well be the year of Satan. A number of books, films, and presidential candidates seem to suggest we have yet to give up on our fascination with Old Horny. Two of the ‘must have’ books of the year include Jeff Pugh’s The Devil’s Ink: Blog from the Basement Office, and my very own, The Devil Wears Nada: Satan Exposed! If you’ve been wondering what Lucifer is currently up to, why televangelists can’t stop talking about him, or why he... Read More

Five Questions with Jeffrey C. Pugh

Jeffrey C. Pugh is the Maude Sharpe Powell Professor of Religious Studies at Elon University in Elon, NC.  He is the author of several books including his latest, Devil’s Ink: Blog from the Basement Office. Despite allegations that I am his illegitimate son stemming from a torrid love-affair with Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio (a vicious rumor I started in an interview with The Pendulum a few years ago ), Pugh is not, to set the record straight, my father (the... Read More

If Animals Believed in God . . .

First of all, given my Feuerbachian sensibilities, I imagine lions envision a deity that looks like a lion–while, and I’m only guessing, gazelles would be greatly offended by such an idea. You know, at some predestined future moment in or outside of time the “great gazelle in the sky” is going to pass judgment on those cats for their fallen predatorial nature that has caused so much pain and anxiety for the gazelle (and other prey). While, all along, the... Read More

South Carolina Woman is Decidely NOT the Next St. Francis

Miriam Fowler Smith, who will not be going down in history as the patron saint of pit bull terriers, hung her nephew’s pit bull and then set the dog on fire. “Why?” you rightly ask. “Was the dog attacking a small child, a calico, or Fox News?” No, the dog bit her bible. Apparently, this diabolical act was inspired by Satan as a blatant attack against God. Satan, who for years inspired less subtle atrocities such as the Holocaust, Hiroshima, and the... Read More

The Devil Wears Nada (“Ain’t got no reason to be ‘shamed!”)

What happens when a high-strung Mennonite armed with an overpriced education goes on a search for Satan in order to prove the existence of God? Disappointed parents. “Really, Tripp? Is this why you went to graduate school?” asked the equally high-strung and very southern mother who continues to pronounce my name with two-syllables (think “Tre-yup”). “No,” I responded, “I went to graduate school so I wouldn’t have to work.” Or,... Read More