Have no care for tomorrow (well, maybe just a little . . . )

As I’m trying to write three manuscripts at once (genius move, I know), I’m, obviously, spending a lot of time reading what others are saying about what I want to write (terrible sentence . . . again, I know). Reading what others have to say about what I want to say is what makes me such a successful hack. I take no shame in reading other people and then telling you what these other people said in books I write. But, hey, why save that for books? Check out this quote... Read More

What if Haddaway had been Catholic?

Perhaps if the Catholic Church had not, historically, “offered its services” to every “well-intentioned” government its come into contact with for the past 1,700 years, I would be a little more sympathetic toward its recent complaints about its supposedly diminishing rights. (In case you are wondering: 1) I re-wrote the first line as, apparently, some people missed the tongue-poking-through-the-cheek nature of this post. I received a few comments suggesting... Read More

Five Questions with Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Jamie Arpin-Ricci is what happens when Franciscan sensibilities meet Anabaptist weirdness. Or, it could be the other around. I’m not sure. All I know is that if there is any hope for the possibility of Christian claims coinciding with Christian practices, I somehow think it resides within the aforementioned communities. Although, I’m certainly open to being surprised by a Protestant or two. Jamie plays an integral role in the Little Flowers Community, an intentional... Read More

Five Questions with Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne may look like he was the smelly kid in class, but don’t let that fool you–he probably was the smelly kid in class. And for good reason, too. It’s highly unlikely Jesus sported anything like Brute aftershave lotion or Axe’s “Dark Temptations” shower gel (the latter, I imagine, being a more appropriate fit for his arch-enemy). Plus, all that dumpster-diving, while certainly a more ecologically friendly way to procure food than... Read More

South Carolina Woman is Decidely NOT the Next St. Francis

Miriam Fowler Smith, who will not be going down in history as the patron saint of pit bull terriers, hung her nephew’s pit bull and then set the dog on fire. “Why?” you rightly ask. “Was the dog attacking a small child, a calico, or Fox News?” No, the dog bit her bible. Apparently, this diabolical act was inspired by Satan as a blatant attack against God. Satan, who for years inspired less subtle atrocities such as the Holocaust, Hiroshima, and the... Read More