Guns (on the Roof): Freedom Ain’t Free

The following is written by AJ aficionado (whatever that means), Matt Morin. My only contribution is the inclusion of The Clash song at the end. You can also locate this post at Profligate Grace. Cheers. ~~~~ Because I am either a charitable hearer of opposing viewpoints, or a glutton for punishment, I try to tune in to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity at least once a week when I am in my car. Rarely do I find myself nodding in agreement—for example, unlike Hannity, I don’t “define... Read More


If this is gospel music, count me in:   The Sound of Sinners. Released on the great triple-LP Sandinista. When I first heard Sandinista, I can’t tell a lie (well, I can, but for now I won’t), I didn’t like it. I was just another one of those ‘Young Punks’ they occasionally referenced and I found it disturbingly lacking in punk rock content. I was horribly, horribly wrong. Granted,... Read More