Jesus is a Monkey (thank god)

All right, so, I don’t get to push The Devil Wears Nada much these days. What would be the use? I know all of my AJ readers have already read it, right? I’m just saying, the conversation I had with one of the ministers in TDWN about Jesus’s divinity and how that correlates with being a primate seems to be back in the news. And to that, I just wanna say . . . Told you so. (It’s tough being a prophet. Those crazy kids. They just don’t listen these days.) Check... Read More

I was a Teenage Exorcist (in the ‘Valli’ of good and evil)

Bob Larson. The name alone is enough to strike fear in men, women, children, donkeys, demons and even the gods. (Lowercase ‘g’, B.) Bob Larson. The man who claims to have exorcised death. (I couldn’t even get him to walk on a treadmill . . . ahhh.) Bob Larson. He named a book after himself. (I kind of respect that move.) Bob Larson. He has quite fertile seed. (I . . . I’m sorry.) “Brynne, why don’t you cast this demon out?” “Good... Read More

A Twenty-Two Second Review of ‘The Five Second Book Review’

This site/blog/whatever is brilliant. It’s brilliant because few people could pull this off well. Yet, this guy nails it. For instance, take a look at this particular review. I am also, it should be noted, completely unbiased. Just because he gave me a favorable five second review does not in any way dictate my feelings as to what he’s attempting to accomplish. Nope. I am completely unbiased. Totally unbiased. So much so that I probably do not even need to mention... Read More

“The Devil Wears Nada” Reviewed By A Christian Humanist and A Christian Anarchist (something here is not right)

Click here to read a review of The Devil Wears Nada by The Christian Humanist. And/or . . . click here to read a review of The Devil Wears Nada by Jesus Radicals. Both are solid reviews, and I say that not because they are relatively positive (with stellar criticisms) but because they actually read the book. I know. Incredible, right? But you can’t always count on reviewers reading the material–even from the so-called professionals. I won’t name any names, but... Read More

Demon Test (I wish I could make this stuff up)

Bob Larson, self-proclaimed prophet and exorcist (who just happens to be the subject of one of my chapters in The Devil Wears Nada), has made it easy for you to discover whether or not you have a demon (as, apparently, it is not self-evident . . . yep, that could be rabies you’re dealing with). In less than thirty minutes you can know whether or not Lucifer, or one of his many minions, has taken control over your body. All you have to do is take the trademarked Demon Test.... Read More

Books Postponed Due to Absentee Apocalypse

Apparently, both of my publishers were waiting to see if Harold Camping was going to be right. That’s the only explanation I have for why I am still waiting on the publication of my two most recent books Third-Way Allegiance and The Devil Wears Nada. I finished writing Third-Way Allegiance, a book about the co-opting of Christianity with nationalism, and why faith in an elephant or a donkey is just plain silly (thanks Against Me!), two years ago. And I’m still... Read More