Trans Soul Rebel (does god bless your transsexual heart?)

After thirteen plus years of screaming to Against Me! (only thirtenn–I know, I was late to the party), I finally got to see them two weeks ago in VA Beach. It was, of course, stellar. It slayed all things. If you’re not yet on board, pick up their new album Transgender Dysphoria Blues. It’s badass and quite the intimate look at Laura Jane Grace’s ongoing transformation. Now, check out the chorus to this song (Walking is Still Honest). It’s probably... Read More

The Trans-Ballad of Laura Jane Grace

[N]ot that I think this deserves any kind of explanation…-‘The Disco Before The Breakdown’ Being a long time fan of Against Me!, I’ve tried to follow all of the comments, articles, zines, interviews, etc., discussing Tom Gabel’s “transformation” to Laura Jane Grace. Suffering from what has been labelled ‘gender dysphoria’ (perhaps something of a misnomer as gender is an ideological construct–that in and of itself may... Read More