Please Don’t Rock the Vote

[This is it. The last one I will ever post on voting. Whew. Feels good.] So, this news is slightly old. To be honest, I wrote this a few months ago and forgot about it. But then someone asked me about it in class this past week (as I was ranting about religion and the environment) and I remembered that I was trying to piece together some thoughts, not only why people may want to be reluctant to vote (representative democracy being the sham that it is), but what it would mean to... Read More

Casting a Weak Ballot

[The following was written by guest blogger, Matthew Morin. May it never be said that I do not offer space, on my own forum, for people to critique me. Or, more importantly, that I am above letting other people help me meet my 'quota' for the month.] As a rule of thumb, I try not to disagree with people who graciously offer to share their blog space with me. However, I also try not to employ violent speech—and since I have already broken that rule twice (first by using the... Read More

And The American Jesus Endorses . . .

I feel like a drumroll should have followed that title. Eh, it would have been anti-cimatic. Just a quick note: you should definitely check out The American Jesus. Like, right now. My good friend and comrade-not-in-arms, Zack Hunt, is running a week long segment on 1) why Christians should vote for Stein, 2) why they should vote for Obama, 3) why they should vote for Romney, and 4) why they should, possibly, not vote at all. Just scroll down on his blog and you’ll find it... Read More

Apocalyptic Refusals

Many of you know I’ve published a few shoddy articles on why you shouldn’t vote. Not simply because it’s a religious ritual of the state, which it is, but also due to our direct complicity that occurs when we put yet another killer in office. “But if you don’t vote, then you’re just as complicit as if you did vote!!” screams the person who thinks I should have voted for their political savior. Nope. Nada. Nyet. Or, to quote NOFX, “You’re... Read More