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The Killer in Me Is the Killer in You: An Interview with Richard Beck

In his book Unclean, Richard Beck has done the church a great favor. By viewing current ecclesial crises through the prisms of experimental and social psychology, he provides Christians with a thoughtful examination of the psychological contours of social evil as it exists in ecclesial communities. Thus, Beck offers a unique, incisive perspective into the psychological dynamics of the church and illuminates often hidden factors that contribute to the church’s failed missiology.... Read More

A Voice across the Great Chasm: An Interview with Miroslav Volf

Miroslav Volf, the Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology at Yale Divinity School, is a world-renown theologian who combines impeccable scholarship with a deep passion for the church.  Shaped by his experience of growing up in a Christian community in communist Yugoslavia, Volf has provided an important, distinct theological voice to many of the social and theological issues of our day.  In this interview, Volf talks about his new book, Allah: A Christian Response,... Read More

The Leaving Is (Probably Not) the Hardest Part: An Interview with Drew Dyck

The Other Journal (TOJ): Drew, thank you for talking to us about your new book, Generation Ex-Christian, and your recent article in Christianity Today, “The Leavers: Young Doubters Exit the Church” (November 19, 2010). Let me start by simply asking about your research and findings: what was your methodology in researching young Christians leaving the church and what trends did you find? [1] Drew Dyck (DD): There have been a lot studies recently that have given us insight into... Read More

Between Mixed Martial Arts and the “L” Word: An Interview with Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren has been asking important questions about Christian practice for decades, stirring needed debate within the world of evangelicalism and beyond. His newest book, A New Kind of Christianity, continues McLaren’s project of assessing and reassessing our assumptions concerning the foundations of modern Christian practice by asking ten important questions about the pillars of the Christian faith: narrative, authority, God, Jesus, gospel, church, sex, future, pluralism,... Read More

War as the New Normal: An Interview with Andrew Bacevich

In a polarized American culture, few voices transcend the dichotomies of Left and Right. Professor Andrew Bacevich is one voice that both parties listen to, and while his critique of American policy pulls no punches, his service to his country and patriotism is above reproach. In this interview, Dr. Bacevich discusses American exceptionalism, foreign policy, the irony of American history, and the place of war in U.S. culture. The Other Journal (TOJ): I would like to start... Read More

Telling Evangelical Histories Otherwise: An Interview with Peter Heltzel

Peter Heltzel’s Jesus and Justice traces the history of evangelicalism in America through a lens otherwise. While many evangelical histories recognize the significance of white leaders and theologians, Heltzel shows that black church life and spirituality also gave a vital witness to, and indeed preserved, the Christian gospel throughout the more treacherous moments of the American story. In this interview, Heltzel talks about his work, why such histories need to be... Read More

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: An Interview with Eugene McCarraher, Part Three of Three

In the rapidly changing political and economic conditions of our time, it is important that we consider existential questions of how to live as Christians. As we seek to answer these questions, historian Eugene McCarraher offers an incisive, prophetic voice from that rare vantage point of historical competency and theological literacy. In part one of our interview with McCarraher, he talks about some salient themes emerging in the 2000s, including the credulity of the U.S.... Read More

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: An Interview with Eugene McCarraher, Part Two of Three

The narrative of the historic presidency of Barak Obama is a hotly contested one. What is different, “audacious,” or status quo about this presidency is daily debated by pundits of all stripes. This president, like those before him, is a polarizing figure, yet the country seems intent on uncovering the historical significance of the presidency in the present tense. Generally speaking, many on the Left are concerned with the president being chronicled in the U.S. lexicon as... Read More

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: An Interview with Eugene McCarraher, Part One of Three

“We may be through with the past [. . .] but the past is not through with us!” said Quiz Kid Donnie Smith in Paul Thomas Anderson’s complicated, prophetic film Magnolia. This axiom was articulated by numerous characters as the film’s thesis, and the film uses this idea to illuminate the consequences of solipsism at the end of “the roaring” 1990s, particularly as characterized by personal and cultural amnesia. Indeed, Magnolia was a portent to the tragedies... Read More

The Subversion Will Not Be Televised: An Interview with Vinoth Ramachandra

The Other Journal (TOJ): Dr. Ramachandra, it is an honor to talk with you about your recent book Subverting Global Myths and about how your work might help us understand faithfulness in the current biopolitical landscape. I want to start off with a basic question: Given your travels across the world and your experiences in both cultures of the West and the developing world, or majority world, would you please talk a bit about the myopia that you feel U.S. Christians suffer... Read More