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Failure, Queer Children, and the Kingdom of God

Despite the rhetoric of pluralism, current social, political, and economic arrangements tend toward the monolithic, primarily giving value to ways of knowing and being that align with and reinforce the status quo. In The Queer Art of Failure,[1] Judith Halberstam wants to incite new and different ways of knowing and being, ways that cut through and provide alternatives to established patterns and norms. Halberstam maintains that we do not really have to look far for these alternatives;... Read More

Special Issue: Jack Halberstam’s The Queer Art of Failure

At critical moments in the history of Christianity, it is the outsiders, rather than people of faith and the theologians who study that faith, who seem best equipped to tell us the truth about who we are. By all indications, Jack Halberstam’s The Queer Art of Failure is not directly interested in religion, theology, or  Christianity. And yet, so much of Halberstam’s work resonates with the myriad challenges that theology is currently facing, both internally and externally,... Read More

On The (Gritty) Birth of Christ

The birth of my son was a frighteningly joyous affair—and a long time coming. Like most parents-to-be, the nine months prior to his birth were full of exhaustion and elation, hope and fear, and more than a little nervous uncertainty. My wife labored constantly for forty-eight hours, the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals only giving her slight relief. When my son finally allowed himself to be pushed into the world through a sea of bodily fluids, we were both overjoyed, though... Read More