We host several blogs aimed at offering a different spin on our regular theological offerings. They are:

Filmwell: A daily updated blog interested in cinema off the beaten track, criticism at the margins of the great conversation, and how art points the way to (as Henry Miller says) “life more abundant.”

mediation: A blog dedicated to fostering creative dialogue at the intersection of faith and culture by situating this general discussion within the increasingly pervasive arena of electronic media. Working within the Christian tradition, with hopes of engaging the often bewildering array of cultural products in our global village, the diverse contributors of this blog seek to offer criticism that is constructive and dialogue-oriented. In a spirit of hospitality and humility the contributors would like to invite you into this electronically mediated conversation on media.

The S Word: A blog dedicated to the troublesome and sometimes bizarre boundary between science and religion.

Justice Outside the City: A blog aimed at working similarly to the op-ed pages in many newspapers.