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Aesthetics, Social Equity, and Modern-Day Vigilantes: An Interview with Ken Gonzales-Day

Ken Gonzales-Day, "Hands Up," in Run Up, 2015, chromogenic print, image: 50 5/16 x 46 in., paper: 53 5/16 x 49 1/2 in. Courtesy of the artist and Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.

Ken Gonzales-Day is an internationally recognized artist based in Los Angeles, California. His interdisciplinary work envisages historically constructed systems of race and the limits of its visual representation. In one of his recent projects, Gonzales-Day addressed matters of trauma and social racial consciousness by combining images of a reconstructed lynching scene of a Latino... Read More

The Forgotten Brush Strokes of Painters


As the universe is composed of solar systems within galaxies, so do we exist as a swarm of molecules, corpuscles, and atoms. The essential building blocks of the stars are the same as those of human beings. We exist within a universe we did not create that was formed by dynamic events we are still trying to comprehend, within a planet that is the only one (as far as we know) among... Read More



In this captivating two-part documentary, American artist Roger Feldman walks us through his process of creating the stonework installation piece ekko, which now exists within the land of the historic Freswick Castle in Scotland. Completed in 2012, this site-specific work functions as a contemporary relic, inviting visitors of the castle to move in and around the piece, thus experiencing... Read More

A Beguiling Aesthetic: Shelia Rogers and Her Oceans of Plastic


The ocean lures us to play, provokes us to awe, and makes us wary of its force. These colossal waters demand our reverence. And yet humans have become most intimately connected to this geography by way of our trash, by way of our thoughtless use of the ocean as an oversized garbage disposal. I recently moved to the town of Corpus Christi, Texas, which sits directly on Corpus Christi... Read More

Quiet Storms: The Paintings of Women by Joyce Polance

guard 60x72 in j

The female form is hardly unexplored territory within the history of painting. Nevertheless, when a present-day artist with the sensibility, intuition, and tenderness of Joyce Polance approaches the canvas, the figures in the work do not breathe antiquated. These fleshly women invite us into the mystery of their stories and offer space for us to receive their unspoken pain and healing... Read More

The Many Faces of Justin Bower


Art by Justin Bower; Essay by Jocelyn Grau We live in a world where individuality is rapidly fading. Information is so effortlessly accessible to a vast number of people that our concepts of self, distance, and visual difference are disappearing. Justin Bower’s paintings invoke the most unnerving edge of our own tendencies and fears. He conjures the possible loss of our physical... Read More

Tension Creating Form: An Interview with Kristen Cochran


There is often far more to visual art than viewers can catch at a glance; the seemingly straightforward often encompasses complex systems of thought and cultural reflection. This is especially true, perhaps, of contemporary artist Kristen Cochran. Her recent work, a performance of the artist’s body connecting to nature, has an approachable visual aesthetic, and yet her impulse... Read More

Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll

New Museum_2013_Benoit Pailley_Erika Vogt

Challenge systems. Play with unexpected boundaries. Explore the ability of objects to mutate, change, and be inconstant. Fluctuate. Some artists respond to ideological and economic situations through a direct, activist-like questioning of the systems that have led to increased disparity and class separation. And then there are those artists whose work in abstraction intersects with... Read More

Kurt Simonson: A Thin Silence


Cultivated from his experiences at L’Abri communities in England and Sweden, these works from Kurt Simonson document place, community, and beyond—the presence of things mystical in life’s ordinary rhythms, lived in quiet abundance. Simonson’s images are elegantly understated, poignantly simple, and disarmingly alluring. They provide respite as they draw our focus into an... Read More

I Love You: An Interview with Dominique Ovalle


Dominique Ovalle is a Californian artist whose work sparks with luscious texture and color and a search for absolute purity of form. She primarily works with oil on canvas, but she also experiments with found objects and larger outdoor murals. Her paintings have been featured in several group and solo exhibitions and were recently featured on the cover of Claremont Journal of Religion.... Read More