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The Evil Eye Controls Something Which Is Counted”

January 15, 2009 I’ve been thinking about numbers lately. A few days ago it was 758, 257, and 10.  Today it’s 1010, 315, and 13. Science is big on numbers.  If you can’t count or measure a thing, you can’t do science on it.  So does the converse hold?  If you can count or measure a thing, must you be able to do science on it?  Not necessarily.  We can count people,... Read More

Defining our Words: Worship and Justice

I am writing in the midst of my fall tour. The travel has been keeping me busy to say the least.  Last night I had a little concert at Princeton University.  My friend Paul Raushenbush put it together, and students from the seminary gathered in a circle as I shared some songs, stories, and we conversed a little bit.  The concert was titled, “Songs of Faith and Justice.” ... Read More