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The GOD DOG Book of Hope for the Disconnected

The tension between opposite forces is an important element in the fine art of printmaking. From the mirror image of the finished print pulled from its originating form or plate, through the processes of thinking and imaging backwards and negotiating the unexpected, this is so. Even the oppositional pressure of the press itself-whether mechanical or human hand-is the uniting of... Read More

Vibrations between Emotional Health and Global Peace

Tell the universe what you’ve done Out in the desert with your smoking gun Looks like you’ve been having too much fun Tell the universe what you’ve done Chorus You’ve been projecting your shit at the world Self-hatred tarted up as payback time You can self-destruct—that’s your right But keep it to yourself if you don’t mind – Bruce Cockburn,... Read More

Lacanian Psychoanalysis and the Traumatic Intervention of the Eucharist: An Interview with Marcus Pound

The Other Journal (TOJ): One of the main arguments of your book, Theology, Psychoanalysis and Trauma, is that psychoanalysis is a theological parody, and that psychoanalytic intervention is a parody of the intervention of Christ. To begin to understand how psychoanalysis is a theological parody it seems important to understand how you use the idea of trauma in your book. Could... Read More

Culture and Psychopathology

Men and women today are haunted by a sense that in the midst of plenty, our lives seem barren. We are hungry for a greater nourishment of the soul. In the England of today, a businessman turned philosopher, Charles Handy, has won a widespread following with his writing. Capitalism, he argues, delivers the means but not the point of life. Now that we are satisfying our outer needs,... Read More

A Beautiful Messy Journey: Entering Into Reality with Broken English

Review: Broken English, Directed by Zoë Cassavetes, Magnolia Home Entertainment, 2007. 98 minutes. Why is it that as we grow older and stronger The road signs point us adrift and make us afraid Saying, “You never can win,” “Watch your back,” “Where’s your husband?” Oh I don’t like the signs that the sign makers made. So I’m... Read More

Finding A Church That I Can Receive In: Responding to the U2charist Debate

In a recent negative critique (a kind way of saying rant against) of the phenomena of U2charist services being undertaken at a number of churches worldwide,The Other Journal writer John Totten challenges the move as two fold liturgical error. On the one hand, Totten believes Bono has not sufficiently focused on the liturgical challenges of the Eucharistic meal in his art to merit... Read More

Standing at the Top of the Lane

One star against the winter blackened sky, no more, not yet, though there will be soon—soon enough the night filled with leaping crackling light bound for eternity. For now, one star glistens a hand’s breadth above skeletal trees while behind me (I know for I have turned to look) the sunset’s raw wound nails nighttime to the earth. Wish on the star, there, low; my body pierced by... Read More

The Nation State Project, Schizophrenic Globalization, and the Eucharist: An Interview with William T. Cavanaugh

The Other Journal (TOJ): Much of your work is an attempt to trace the genealogy of the nation state, searching out its arbitrary moments and constitutive myths. What are some of the dominant myths that you see currently continuing in legitimating the state’s power and how it maps social relations today? Bill Cavanaugh (BC): I think one of the primary myths is the myth of freedom... Read More

Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, and the Apocalypse

Two of my favorite albums are Nick Drake’s Pink Moon and Sufjan Steven’s Seven Swans. Recorded more than thirty years apart, both albums are melancholy, contemplative, and preoccupied with the Apocalypse. And not the noisy, gaudy Apocalypse of the Book of Revelation or—heaven forbid—of the Left Behindseries. The Apocalypse-according-to-Nick and the Apocalypse-according-to-Sufjan... Read More

The Body as Battleground: Eating Disorders, Yo-Yo Diets, and the Survival of the Thinnest

After twenty-five years of counseling over 7,000 women with eating disorders, reflecting on what could lead someone to starve herself to death, or to consume 20,000 calories a day punctuated by self-induced vomiting, we ask ourselves: What has gone wrong in our relationship with our bodies? There are three aspects of modern Western culture that we believe are contributing to eating... Read More