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Nothing Is As It Seems

It matters that this is true: that pushing the stroller up the hill, filled with sleeping boy and girl, I thought about my muscles and didn’t see the sky like smoke at four o’clock, the drying trees like black veins in the gray. It matters that I thought about my boots, that they were good, and didn’t hear the red-eyed cars rushing like wind, their terrible trumpets, then... Read More


if I bark up the wrong tree sure a squirrel at his nuts will chatter of the Trinity all God all Man no Ghost of a chance at loggerheads  Read More

On What Could Quite Rightly Pass for a Fetish: Some Thoughts on Whether “Every Christian Should ‘Quite Rightly Pass for an Atheist’”

Jon Stanley’s provocative piece “Why Every Christian Should ‘Quite Rightly Pass for an Atheist’”[1] is notable for the way it facilitates a move beyond the reductionistic tendencies of rigid categorization, as well as for the ways it begins to identify and resist the gods of our age. In these pursuits, Stanley also seeks to spell out a Christianity that moves beyond the... Read More

Dam(nation) and the American Prophetic Imagination: An Interview with Charles T. Mathewes

The “gotcha” clip of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermon played ad nauseum over every major media outlet this spring, in which he declared “God damn America!,” was not the anomalous blip on the historical, American religious radar screen the media might have you think. In fact, despite the histrionics of the press, such anxious prophetic zeal is well documented... Read More

Atheism, Theism, and Anatheism in Hafiz of Shiraz

“What do sad people have in common? It seems they have all built a shrine to the past and often go there and do a strange wail and worship. What is the beginning of Happiness? It is to stop being so religious like that.” – Hafiz How do we stop being “so religious like that?” Do we stop being religious? Or, can we stop being religious but come back to God? And how would... Read More

Three Questions on Modern Atheism: An Interview with John Milbank

The Other Journal (TOJ): With our current issue addressing modern atheism it might seem appropriate to begin by addressing the growing voice of a supposedly ‘new atheism’ as represented by Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Dennett, Onfray, etc… Yet I am hesitant to do so only because there seems to be nothing ‘new’ taking place here except for a greater display of amnesia... Read More

(a culture of) Life after the Religious Right: An Interview with Jim Wallis

The Other Journal (TOJ): In this issue of The Other Journal we are looking at the surging new atheism in the west so I thought we would start the interview on the topic of atheism. You mention in The Great Awakening that the early Christians were known as atheists because they didn’t serve the gods of the Roman empire. What are the gods of the American empire? How successful are... Read More

Children and Violence in Developing Nations Impacted by Armed Internal Conflict (DNIAIC)

INTRODUCTION I’m a thirty-three year-old, one-year-married, Christian Seattle-ite and it seems like friends and family all around me are producing babies like rabbits. Last month my housemate even had a baby in room! I’m not joking. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to be living in the global south! There are nearly 2.2 billion people under eighteen years old alive today.[1]... Read More

Mystery and Mayhem: Reading Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita While Dating an Atheist in Seattle

The first time I read The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, I was too swept away with its hot-blooded madness to grasp what the deuce Bulgakov intended with his novel. When I returned for a second reading, my pietistic judgments of the violence and debauchery obscured the experience. But the book was a gift from a close friend whose mind I admired, and my third attempt resurrected... Read More

Spring Prayer

It is easy to praise doubt for most beauty wavers subtly, sways, blossoms, dissolves in petals. And it is easy to praise frailty for most of us are frail as a shimmering gorgeous beetle ripe for the crushing. But let me grow beyond the brittle carapace; let me grow bones within to leap like an ibex on the crags with that sure footing which approaches flight.  Read More