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Small Steps – Sustainable Development One Light Bulb at a Time

Like many African countries, São Tomé e Principe (STP) is struggling to stand on her own after being raped by colonization. “Discovered” by Portuguese navigators in the late 1400’s, STP quickly became Africa’s top sugar exporter in the 1500’s due to the colonized slave labor. Sugar cultivation eventually waned, but fortunately for the Portuguese plantation owners (and... Read More

Violence And Christian Social Reconstruction In Africa: On The Resurrection Of The Body (Politic).

There is a sense in which, particularly in the summer, all roads lead to Africa. Visitors are not just rich Americans on Safari to visit Africa’s wild life or luxuriate in the stunning and exotic beauty of Africa’s landscapes and game parks. Instead, travelers include health workers going to live in an African village, World Vision teams visiting projects in various countries,... Read More

Who is Jesus Christ for us today?

We huddled around a solitary candle, the only source of light in the dingy room. Betty, our hostess, knelt on the floor while we all sat on make-shift stools and chairs. Her children’s voices could be heard from the street and front yard as they played in the dying evening light, clearly remaining outdoors to respect and honor the Mizungu (white) visitors. Betty’s kind eyes... Read More

Structural Sin: A South African Perspective

Introduction “Give a man a fish,” the saying goes, “and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will always eat.” The problem with this saying, we in South Africa have discovered, is that even when you teach a man to fish, there are still signs that say, “NO FISHING.” So, in addition to teaching a man to fish, we also need to take down the “NO FISHING”... Read More

Seeking the Kingdom: A Christmas Reflection

In the year 2005 our world was no stranger to deep tragedy. Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, war, and the AIDS pandemic devastated countries resulting in loss of life and livelihood. The ones who were already vulnerable were made more so because of such unexplainable acts of God. Children who already lived in poverty lost their parents. Men, who daily struggled... Read More

Interview with Bruce Wilkinson – R.A.P.I.D.S., Zambia

TOJ: What is your take on the G8 conference this past summer? Was it successful? What are some positive results of the conference and what are your critiques of the conference? BW: Yeah, well in general I believe it was a positive outcome. Two things that we need to keep in mind, anytime you get together very senior leaders making pronouncements and agreeing to give money, whether... Read More

AIDS Awareness Campaign: Stories from Africa

The AIDS Awareness Campaign (AAC) is a team of three American journalists, writers and photographers who began an eight-month overland journey through the heart of Africa in July 2005 to examine the impact of HIV/AIDS in rural and urban communities. Through the stories of the African people whom they meet along the way, Sean Blaschke, Nathaniel Calhoun, and Tuuli Saarela hope to... Read More

Some Thoughts on African Liberation: From Independence to True Liberation – PART II

Aspects of African Liberation Political Liberation: reflection on being true to ourselves The term “liberation” tends to be used very loosely, these days, but it can also mean something specific and be crucial and relevant to our everyday life. In this regard, I have chosen to discuss political liberation in my own country of Zimbabwe although what is happening here is not necessarily... Read More

Some Thoughts on African Liberation: From Independence to True Liberation – PART I

New values for African nations will liberate the African people from various forms of poverty, lawlessness, dictatorships, dehumanization, diseases, and a distortion of cultural identity. However, such values must evolve naturally and independently of external pressures because they must arise from the needs of the African peoples themselves. Most of us have learned the lesson the... Read More

Southern Sudanese Chaplains: Human Rights and The Embodiment of Peace

“Sudan is a disaster area for human rights. We must turn the eyes of the world upon the atrocities in the Sudan.”[1] “The human rights situation in Sudan is not marketable to the American people.”[2] “Everyone has the right to thought, conscience and religion…No one shall be held in slavery or servitude and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms…No... Read More