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Eroticism, Fly Fishing, and Bad Metaphors: An Interview with Dan Allender

TOJ: This issue, as you know, is giving attention to sexuality and gender, and I wanted to start off by asking you to speak to the sexual climate in North America. Some have described our culture as hyper-sexualized, that the pornographic is becoming more interwoven in our cultural discourse, but concurrently rates of sexual satisfaction and intercourse are actually down. Could... Read More

The Greenline

Jarvis stood on the corner of Fifth and Spruce, squinting nervously at the now open door of the cab that had nearly crushed his feet. At the same moment, Willie happened to be barreling down the sidewalk in a wild rage, throwing pedestrians out of his way, and screaming about sabotage and conspiracy. He crashed into Jarvis from behind, sending both men head first through the open... Read More


“The shirtless and barefoot people of the earth are rising up as never before.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.~ from Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community? The shirtless and barefoot people of the earth are rising up as never before and they walk past signs that say NO SERVICE and they walk past lines of DON’T GO BEYOND. They are rising up, they are rising up, their uncovered... Read More

Intense Exchange: Sadomasochism, Theology and the Politics of Late Capitalism

Be cruel in your erotic play: snap on handcuffs, neck-collars, and chains, lock pins and clips on nipples, administer meticulous floggings; or, be a slave for a night and, with your master’s help, mimic the ancient ‘art of unbearable sensations’, tremble with the most exquisite agonies, savor the disintegration and humiliation of the self in the jouissance of exploded... Read More

Just Desires?

Same Sex Marriage? A Christian Ethical Analysis. By Marvin M. Allison. Pilgrim, 198 pp., $24.00. MARVIN ELLISON introduced his treatment of same-sex marriage not with a consideration of the history or theology of the Christian practice of marriage, but with a wide-ranging account of marriage law and social theory. Although this approach is not without merit, here it serves the... Read More

The Accused: An Old Testament Hermeneutic of John 8: 1–11

It is my experience in pastoral care and counseling that the issue of sexual sin is common among both men and women. All too often people are accused, either rightly or wrongly, of sexual sin and the effects of society’s perception of these people can be quite damaging. Illicit sexual experiences, sexual assault, and false accusations can all leave someone feeling extreme guilt... Read More

Evangelicalism, Marriage and Holy Sexuality: An Interview with Gary Thomas

TOJ: Gary, could you say something about the involvement of the Evangelical church in the world—I know there is sometimes criticism, especially in America, of Evangelicalism being more concerned with saving souls than with working for social justice. As an Evangelical, what would you say about that criticism? GT: Do you really think so? I just had a group from my church that... Read More

MP3 Porn: Music, sex, and community

There are, I suppose, plenty of reasons to hate the internet phenomenon MySpace: its hideously ugly and un-user-friendly design, the great boon it is to sexual predators, and it’s being owned by Rupert Murdoch. But I’ll say this: MySpace made it possible for me to be in a band with members in nearly every corner of this country, and for people to hear our music, all via computers.... Read More

Neil Young, The Flaming Lips, and The Art of War Protest

My introduction to the concept of protest music was a bootleg cassette that featured Pearl Jam covering the Bob Dylan staple “Masters of War.” This song was originally included on The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, his first important album, released in 1963, close to the beginning of the Vietnam War. For the last thirty years, pop culture has been nearly void of protest songs,... Read More

A Song: of Aaron

And the Lord struck the people with a plague because of what they did with the calf Aaron had made. —Exodus 32:35 When you are thunder to us, when you are smoke and fire, we sift through the air, ashen. Out of the smoke, coals drop; we pick them up, burn each other, in disgust disgorge a lie. Look at us now, seared and smoking, moaning amid the stinking dead. You are more cruel to... Read More