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Muestra de Arte Popular y Urbano en Puerto Rico

Click here to view an interactive gallery of Eliacin Rosario-Cruz’s photography.  Read More


Click here to view a collection of paintings by Andre Martin.  Read More

The Center Somehow, Impossibly, Holds: Mark Z. Danielewski’s Only Revolutions

Review: Only Revolutions. By Mark Z. Danielewski. New York: Pantheon, 2006. 360 pp. In his House of Leaves (published in 2000), Mark Danielewski toys with the apparatus of truth-telling, weaving scholarly narrative into first-person account, embedded in the shreds of paper written, supposedly, by a blind man, all of which attempts to describe a documentary film (which may or... Read More

Deconstructing Moral Distinctions: A Review of George Saunders’s In Persuasion Nation

All around and above us were those towering walls of light, curving across building fronts, embedded in the sidewalks, custom-fitted to light poles: a cartoon lion eating a man in a suit; a rain of gold coins falling into the canoe of a naked rainforest family; a woman in lingerie running a bottle of Pepsi between her breasts; the Merrill Lynch talking fist asking, ‘Are you kicking... Read More

Finding a Diamond: A Bloody Mess

For several years now, a revolution has been gaining momentum in popular culture in the United States: ‘conflict free’ diamonds. I’ve been on the hunt for the ‘right’ diamond for the past few months since deciding to propose to my girlfriend of two and a half years. She was not concerned with the size or quality of the stone, but asked that her diamond... Read More

Confessing the Revolution: Capitalism and the God in Whom We Trust

[F]rom its inception, capitalism has been a force of cataclysmic transformation in one country after another. Capitalism has radically changed every material, social, political, and cultural facet of the societies it has touched, and it continues to do so. Understanding this revolutionary impact of capitalism . . . is a formidable and important intellectual task. Peter Berger, The... Read More

Should Christians Give Markets Another Chance?

“Guns don’t kill people; people do,” goes the slogan of Second Amendment defenders. On the surface, this is at least partly true—firearms generally do require human hands and wills to fulfill their purposes—though critics will rightly note that the bumper sticker argument hides deeper truths about gun accidents, corporate profits, machismo, racism, classism, and policymakers’... Read More

Are You a Revolutionary?

In the 1960’s Martin Luther King Jr. called for a revolution of values in the United States that would address racism, materialism, and militarism. His words were clearly understood as a call for societal change. In the 1980’s Aung San Suu Kyi called for a revolution of the spirit in Burma that would end dictatorship and launch democracy. No one confused her call to revolution... Read More

The Secret Life of the Village

It has almost stopped raining, but cloud’s still lower than our house. Abandoned shoes and burn marks show points of departure on the street, blackberries and sloes fill the hedges, waders call at night. I used to have a bookcase that opened out on hinges to reveal a secret room beyond. If there is such a thing as community it is now invisible in the morning mist.  Read More

The House With The Red Door (for Jessica who asked)

We must disregard old favourites, learn to forget the past. It is usually found where there is not too much direct sunlight, a sudden picture that was hidden but is still included. No-one was able to write down things exactly as they happened but images are preserved with amazing sharpness. We are surprised by the apparition, the sound of a wind-up toy in motion, the bustle of mind in... Read More