Towards a New Missional Mapping?

Jason Clark will be presenting this recent digest of missional theology later in November at 'Seek the Welfare of the City'.

We thought that it would be helpful for you all to engage it here. 

Is there any pointing mapping the missional church? Is there a future for Evangelicalism?

Let us know.

Towards a New Missional Mapping?

  • John

    Meanwhile there are now more Christians on the planet than ever before.
    There are more Christian missionaries operating than ever before. There are more Bibles in existence than ever before and more people are studying theology than ever before.
    Plus the entire planet is flooded with Christian propaganda of all kinds. TV, radio and the internet. Books, magazines, tracts and comics. Cd’s and DVD’s.
    And yet the planet is becoming more and more insane every day. Witness the recent election results in the USA, that supposedly most religious of countries.

  • Lovely Bushra

    i love this post….!!!
    its is so awesum…….i ws lost in a trance while i ws readin it……
    gr8 wrk !!!!
    source: Urdu Poetry